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mnhtnbb's Journal
mnhtnbb's Journal
November 30, 2022

Black Turnout in Midterms One of Low Points for Democrats

From an NY Times Subscriber Only Newsletter. Archive link to avoid the paywall

We won’t get conclusive numbers on this for months, but the evidence so far raises the distinct possibility that the Black share of the electorate sank to its lowest level since 2006. It certainly did in states like Georgia and North Carolina, where authoritative data is already available.

Still, relatively low Black turnout is becoming an unmistakable trend in the post-Obama era, raising important — if yet unanswered — questions about how Democrats can revitalize the enthusiasm of their strongest group of supporters.

Is it simply a return to the pre-Obama norm? Is it yet another symptom of eroding Democratic strength among working-class voters of all races and ethnicities? Or is it a byproduct of something more specific to Black voters, like the rise of a more progressive, activist — and pessimistic — Black left that doubts whether the Democratic Party can combat white supremacy?

Georgia and North Carolina are two of the states where voters indicate their race when they register to vote, offering an unusually authoritative look at the racial composition of the electorate. In both states — along with Louisiana — the Black share of the electorate fell to its lowest levels since 2006.

In all three states, the turnout rate among Black voters was far lower than among white voters. In North Carolina, for example, 43 percent of Black registered voters turned out, compared with 59 percent of white registered voters — roughly doubling the difference from 2018 and tripling the racial turnout gap from 2014.

Perhaps more remarkable is that Raphael Warnock, the Democratic senator from Georgia, and Ms. Beasley fared so well, even with Black voters representing such a low share of the electorate. Mr. Warnock and Ms. Beasley appear to have fared better among non-Black voters than any Democrats in recent memory in either state.

The entire article here:


As a senior citizen white female resident of North Carolina, I don't understand it. I thought Beasley had an excellent chance to beat her Trump supported opponent. Even without name recognition, or a charismatic personality, she had the resume and the gravitas to make an excellent Senator. I was excited to see her more than 300,000 votes ahead on Election night when the Early voting/Absentee ballot returns were coming in. That put her 150,000 votes AHEAD of where Hillary was compared to Trump in 2016 at the same point in time. I just don't understand why--when given the opportunity to elect the first Black Senator from North Carolina--the Black turnout was worse than white support for her.

The Democratic Party has to get this figured out. I had thought maybe it was an NC state thing, but apparently, this is a nationwide issue.
November 26, 2022

Good luck!

My husband's father was 96 when he married his girlfriend of many years, who became his fourth wife. They married without telling my husband or his two sisters.

The father had originally set up a trust to split his estate three equal ways between his children. No house involved because the dad had sold it years previously when he and his girlfriend moved to separate apartments in an assisted living facility. The father told my husband that the many gold coins which were stashed in a safety deposit box (my husband was on the signature card) would no longer be left to him, but to the new wife.

Well, when the dad died, the wife not only wore one of the gold coins made into a necklace to the funeral, but also announced to my husband and his sisters that the trust had been eliminated from the new will AND everything divided between the sisters and the wife equally, with my husband given a nominal $10,000. bequest.

What a witch. By destroying the trust, more of the multi million dollar estate went to taxes. Eventually, one sister gifted my husband over several years a portion of what she had received to make up for the change in the will.

My husband had flown to Florida to get legal counsel when the marriage took place regarding competency of his 96 year old father who had resisted marrying this girl friend for years. He found out that basically if you can zip your pants, you're competent in Florida. The wife found out from the other sister --the one who didn't share--and that's when she became determined to have the will and trust changed.

Good luck. Your husband 's father has undoubtedly been worn down over the years by this wife. She will likely get what she wants. Better resign yourself to it.

November 24, 2022

Wordle 523 ***Spoiler Thread*** 11/24

Wordle 523 4/6


Of course.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 11, 2022

WTF? Sen Tillis (R) NC becomes best budds with former rival Cunningham (D)

So, not only did Cunningham sabotage his chances in 2020 to beat Tillis because he couldn't keep his zipper zipped during the 2020 election that pitted the two North Carolina candidates against each other in a highly competitive U.S. Senate race, but used the opportunity to become friends with his rival!

The unexpected friendship took people by surprise when it was announced that Tillis, the Republican who won the election, and Cunningham, a Democrat, would come together at UNC-Chapel Hill to discuss “how to build and maintain friendships across the political divide.”
Tillis told the audience Thursday night that the public had no idea during the campaign that they had become friends behind the scenes.


Where is the vetting process for candidates for the Democratic party in NC?

Where is the party support for a Black woman candidate--who had a really good opportunity to win an open Senate seat--but got no support from the National party? Beasley was a serious candidate--just ask Rachel Maddow who kept asking Kornacki to check the numbers on Election night, and who ended the MSNBC special night before Election day with an on air interview with Beasley--and if the Democratic voters in NC had been fired up to turn out, she would have won.

Beasley was running ahead of Budd by more than 300,000 votes when the results first started coming in Election night. Absentee and early voting was fabulous for the Dems in NC; numbers were running ahead with 9% more women early voting than men and greater turnout than 2018. Then it all fell apart on Election day. Total voter turnout across the state was barely above 50%. There were enough Democrats who didn't vote in Orange and Durham counties (Democratic strongholds) that at least 100,000 votes were left on the table. Add that to less than stellar turnout in the most populous--and Democratic leaning--counties of Mecklenburg and Wake, and Beasley could have won.

What is going on here?
November 11, 2022

Wordle 510 ***Spoiler Thread*** Nov 11

Wordle 510 4/6


November 9, 2022

Low turnout did not help.

Yes, Dems came out ahead in early voting. Beasley started the night up more than 300,000 votes over Budd. But the final turnout was barely over 50% of eligible voters. Heavy or leaning Democratic counties left more votes on the table than her margin of loss. That's why the race wasn't called until the votes were all counted from the heavily Democratic counties. It was theoretically a winnable race.

Buncombe, Durham, Guilford, Mecklenburg, Orange, and Wake counties all had low voter turnout. Mecklenburg, where Charlotte is, even came up with less than 50% turnout.

We all know what happens when there is low turnout.

The bright spot is that, finally, after more than a decade of Republican gerrymandering and court cases (thanks to low turnout in 2010), we have equal House representation with 7 Dems and 7 Republicans.

November 8, 2022

Several blood moon photos (edited)

All handheld and it's windy here in NC. But clear and beautiful to watch.

November 8, 2022

Wordle 507 "Spoiler Thread" Nov 8th

Wordle 507 4/6


I couldn't decide whether to start with voter or lunar this morning. I'm watching the eclipse here.

Edited to add the blood moon setting into the trees behind my house.

November 8, 2022

Women and Dems lead early voting in NC

From the NC State Board of Elections data for early voting turnout to Nov 6th

1,124,012 FEMALE votes 52.22% of Total

928,393 MALE votes 43.13% of Total

99,964 Undesignated votes 4.64%of Total

Ballots by Party

Democrats 821,340

Republicans 673,762

Unaffiliated. 651,363


I will hazard a guess that the gender Undesignated votes will not break Republican. These early voters exceeded the turnout for the 2018 midterms.

November 6, 2022

Fall flower study

I was out watering this morning--we are having several days of unusually hot weather in the 80's here--and I literally turned off the hose to go in and get my camera to take a few shots before the wind came up. These are Blanket Flowers (Gaillardia), which came up from seed scattered last spring.

All the above shots were taken with my Canon camera among this group of flowers. Took the group shot below with my phone.

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