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Gender: Female
Hometown: NYC
Home country: USA
Current location: Durham, NC
Member since: Sat May 7, 2005, 10:13 PM
Number of posts: 28,953

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I watched the NC Senate 'debate' HB 695 on Wednesday and was thoroughly

disturbed by it: not only the process--tack all the abortion restrictions late the previous night onto a bill that
started out as anti-Sharia law--but the utter contempt and disregard for women. The pro-choice organizations
in the state hustled out social media postings to generate a crowd of hundreds of people--not just women--to
protest the next morning at the third reading of the bill.

In NC, the gallery is required to remain silent. It was FULL. The presiding officer of the senate warned
people in the gallery numerous times to observe the protocol--and dem senators who spoke also asked
for people's cooperation--but this graphic I think is most telling:

Thanks to gerrymandering in this state by the Repubs after the 2010 election, even though MORE people voted for
Dem rather than Repub House Reps in 2012, districts had been drawn in such a way that Repub reps could be elected over Dems by about 2 to 1.

The same forces came into play in the elections at the state level. The manipulation, the lies, the contempt, the deceit is truly stunning. The Repubs are gonna' do what they are gonna' do. They don't give a rat's a$$ about what we think. They have taken
control and they are determined to shove whatever they want down our throats.

I am beginning to believe that civil disobedience alone will be insufficient to change the direction of things, and I'm even less
convinced that attempts to change things via the ballot box will succeed.
It makes me very sad, and very afraid, of just what might be coming down the road.

Having just watched the NC Senate vote yesterday on a bill to seriously restrict a woman's

right to choose in NC, I agree. The NC Republicans are sending this state
down the toilet as fast as they can with bills affecting education, voting
rights, unemployment, health care...and more.

Saw this full page ad in the NY Times today. Provides some interesting ammunition
to fire at the ill informed, a historical right wingers who claim this country was founded
as a "Christian" nation.


To read the quotes and see the references in better detail, go here: http://ffrf.org/celebrate-our-godless-constitution

Found on fb this a.m. with a call to "throw the clowns out" in NC next election

Great visual of how the Repubs are destroying the state.

Proud of yourself, Governor? NC Legislature? Photos from Moral Mondays yesterday in Raleigh

This one of the old man handcuffed, leaning on his cane, is particularly touching.

For a view of the photo gallery from yesterday:


There were about 80 people arrested yesterday...bringing the total number of arrests to just under 700. Thousands of people
also attend the events in support of the protest, but do not put themselves in the situation where they will be arrested. ( My husband and oldest son were in attendance yesterday.)

National and international attention has done nothing to budge the Repubs, who are determined to ignore the protests and go full steam ahead with their right wing agenda.

I'll take your challenge of a neighbor nightmare.

In 2000 we were living in Lincoln, NE. My hubby (a psychiatrist) was losing his
office in a medical office building (owned by the attached private hospital) that was requiring all MD tenants to be on-call
at the OTHER hospital in town, which they had just bought, which had been a public hospital. He did not want
to be on-call--after 30 some years in practice--so decided to build a small, detached home office adjacent to our
house on our property. The city gave us a permit. We hired a contractor and he began construction, which required
tearing down a little brick playhouse (that had been built by previous owners) in the spot where the office would
be located. Everything was above board (permit) and according to city regs (no employees).

The neighbors--both sides--and one other down the street (an attorney) got together and filed a lawsuit to prevent
us from building the office. They claimed home based 'businesses' were prevented by restrictions in the deeds for
all the houses on the street. There was no homeowners association and our house had been built in 1924. One other
neighbor--who no longer lived there--had run a home based high end clothing business out of her house for several years and everyone
in the neighborhood attended her 'showings' and bought from her. One of the next door neighbors--party to the suit--was also running a home based property management business out of their home--as well as leasing a garage apartment on their property (and had for several years).

It was clear during the trial that the neighbors were simply discriminating against people with mental health problems.
They were such bigots. One street over was a psychologist who had a home based practice.

The court ruled against us--frontier justice--since the judge was buddies with the attorney.
They had no legal basis for the ruling. Our attorney presented evidence that the 'regulations' that were cited
running with the deed expired after 75 years.

I convinced hubby that if the ruling was against us we'd list the house and move to Chapel Hill. And we did.
But not before it cost us about $25,000. in payment to the contractor for his services...plus attorney's fees,
plus moving costs (about $12,000, I think), plus costs associated with selling the house and buying another one.

Yet, if those neighbors hadn't been such a$$holes, we probably never would have moved to Chapel Hill. I love it here--
although I'm very disturbed by the right wing takeover of the state government--but can't imagine living anywhere else

When our house here burned down in 2007, our neighbors took us in, helped us salvage photos and other items from
the debris, and basically behaved the way neighbors should. They also have never objected to hubby having his
private office in the house where he sees patients.

I was transplanted from northern NJ to southern CA when I was a teenager in 1965

HATED where we lived--out in the boonies of northern San Diego county--sent by my parents
to a different school district. Had zero social life on the weekend
as a high school student.

Ended up in L.A. at UCLA for college undergrad/grad school. Got married. Got a job. Got divorced.
Never liked it although I lived in Westwood, Santa Monica, Studio City,
Woodland Hills, and Pacific Palisades.

Second hubby and I left L.A. in 1988 and never looked back.
Ended up in MO (St. Joe) for 6 years and then NE (Lincoln)
for 6 years. Hated both places. When our Lincoln neighbors
filed a lawsuit against us to stop us from building a detached
home office on our property for my husband to see patients
(he's a psychiatrist) I convinced him that if we lost the lawsuit
we could move to Chapel Hill. Best damn thing that ever happened
to us was those nasty neighbors! I LOVE Chapel Hill (been here 13 years)
and I finally felt like I've come home. Small town feel, but highly educated
and progressive population (due to the University); nice neighbors; good
restaurants; TERRIFIC public schools for our kids (who graduated 2004 and 2008);
decent shopping; good international airport within 25 minutes; FABULOUS beaches
only 3-4 hours drive away.

Only trouble is, now, that the stupid which has been overtaking
this country since Ronnie Reagan days has taken over the state government in NC.
I'm not going to leave the country--or move elsewhere--now that I'm 62 and hubby
is 70. So here we are. We are, however, glad to see our youngest going to Berlin
for 10 months next year on a Fulbright scholarship. We will be visiting him while he's there--and probably encourage him
to think about the idea of what it might be like to live permanently in Germany,
as opposed to the US.

NC Moral Mondays now has a theme song!

We Are Not For Sale!


More than 2500 people rally outside the North Carolina State Legislative Building on Halifax Mall Monday, June 24, 2013, prior to an act of civil disobedience opposing the Republican legislature's agenda. About 120 activists were arrested by General Assembly and Raleigh police. About 600 have been arrested over the course of 8 "Moral Monday" demonstrations.

U.S. Rep. David Price, a Democrat from Chapel Hill, was among the crowd outside the Legislative Building. “This is beyond politics as usual,” Price said. “It’s so extreme, so drastic and so threatening to so many people.”

Price said what is happening in North Carolina is more extreme than when tea party politicians were swept into office at the federal level and pushed a similar agenda. “They created plenty of problems,” Price said. “But in the U.S. Congress, they didn’t have unchecked power.”

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/06/24/2985465/first-wave-of-moral-monday-protesters.html#storylink=cpy

I have friends who have been attending the protests. Hubby and one of our sons are planning to go next Monday...but not get arrested.

The guy who is behind all the money that put this group of Repubs in office is Art Pope--who is now the Budget Director
under the Governor. He is also the primary source of funds for Civitas, (referred to in the article) and the song that I posted
that mentions the mansion on Granville Dr. is his house (3324 Granville Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609)

Weekly Protests Planned in NC: 50 arrested so far that include

an internationally known AIDS researcher from UNC.

The historians, doctors, preachers, lawyers, raging grannies, students and others gathered around the second-floor fountain inside the Legislative Building and belted out “This Little Light of Mine” and other songs.

They were diverse in age and backgrounds but united in voice as part of a protest movement gaining numbers in recent weeks.


The dissenters plan to gather weekly at the state legislature for “Moral Mondays” – a series of demonstrations that have resulted in 50 arrests so far. They acknowledge that their concerns might be tuned out by the supermajority against them. But the protesters hope to persuade others to rise up with them and raise their voices to a future that might bring a political shift in 2014.

Thirty demonstrators were taken to the Wake County jail on Monday after capital police cited them for trespassing and disorderly conduct. A week before that, 17 people were arrested at the demonstration organized by the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP.

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/05/10/2883118/nc-protesters-willing-to-risk.html#storylink=cpy

I posted another thread yesterday with the opinion piece detailing the protests/arrests written by two NC Historians (Professors at Duke and UNC) that appeared in yesterday's N & O. http://www.democraticunderground.com/1251304297

Nice to see that this movement is gaining steam. NC is one of 12 states with no recall process so the first opportunity to reverse
the trend of all this regressive legislation will come with the election of 2014.

Hooray for NC Historians--leading the way in acts of civil disobedience!

The disaster that has been unfolding in NC as the Repub Governor and Repub controlled State house
have been at work turning the clock back and dismantling every type of progressive program or policy
they could think of has been shared--in dismay--with members of DU.

How refreshing to open the local Raleigh paper this a.m. to see an opinion piece written by two
leading historian/educators in NC who got themselves arrested protesting!

This week, we were arrested at the General Assembly. We chose the path of civil disobedience – along with 29 others – as a means of calling attention to the headlong assault on our state’s history by the governor and the state legislature.

We are not radicals. Each of us has been president of the Organization of American Historians, the leading professional organization of all American historians. We cherish the history we have spent our lives studying. Yet now we see a new generation in Raleigh threatening to destroy the very history we have spent our lives celebrating.

During the last half century, North Carolinians helped pave the way for racial justice, educational leadership and fairness for all citizens.

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/05/08/2880510/an-nc-history-worth-preserving.html#storylink=cpy

So proud I could bust! My son has been awarded a 10 month Fulbright Scholarship

to do a research project in Berlin, Germany for the 2013-14 academic year!

Hubby and I plan to visit him...hopefully both in the fall and next spring.

This is my son with a vision impairment due to a juvenile genetic disease
that causes macular degeneration. He is legally blind--and has been since
he had major vision loss when he was nine. He never let his disability
prevent him from anything he wanted to do. He sees with his peripheral vision.

He was a double major in college: German and Comparative Lit.
Studied abroad in Berlin for summer session prior to his senior year.

We're just so proud of him!
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