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Member since: Thu May 5, 2005, 12:42 PM
Number of posts: 671

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Possible Full Vaccination

While herd immunity may be achieved in July maximum coverage would take longer.

If the 3 million vaccines average per day being administered is maintained maximum coverage may be reached around the end of August or early September. Rough figures follow. If someone would care to fine tune the timeline I would appreciate it.

Population of 350,000,000

2 shots each = 700,000,000

150,000,000 have been given (per Jen Psaki on April 7).

550,000,000 still to go

3,000,000 avg per day administered

183 days needed to vaccinate 549,000,000

Some will refuse. I am using 1/2 the population being Republican and 25% [44 million] of them refusing to be vaccinated negating 88 million shots needed reducing days needed to administer by 30 days to around 153. Because of rounding (and 1 shot vaccine Johnson & Johnson) max may be reached by the end of August or early September. If greater numbers refuse to be vaccinated or have already been removed the timeline will be shortened.

My astrology charts for August 25 look good for me and president Biden.

Posted by bobnicewander | Wed Apr 7, 2021, 05:22 PM (12 replies)

Speculative Gaetz Update Apr 8

Based on his arrest in 2008 for DUI and his current experiences.

Gaetz Capitol Bldng

Gaetz FL

Joel Greenberg, Gaetz Ally, Granted Plea Deadline in Orlando Federal Court


My chart for Gaetz scores a hit for today (April 8th). Next is a string of days from April 13th through the 19th with the 16th, 17th, and 18th showing the hardest hits.
Posted by bobnicewander | Fri Apr 2, 2021, 07:31 AM (4 replies)

Gaetz's Karma

The chart shown is for it's visual value at certain times.

For the next 12 months the following will be active for Gaetz's chart at some time each day; at sometime each month for progressed lunar returns; and at some date in the year in his secondary progressed natal (using Q2 Mean Quotidian angle progression) and his progressed solar return.

In his natal chart his Sun/Saturn midpoint is within 1 of an exact square to his natal Pluto which along with his Saturn-Neptune Paran Square is probably the impetus for his behavior.

The chart shown is based on a noon birth chart, not a recorded time of birth, but the charts will occur as stated as only the progressed Sun will move as much as 1 in that time.

These are the charts of a loser.

Posted by bobnicewander | Thu Apr 1, 2021, 02:45 AM (2 replies)

More Bad News For 45

March 23, 24, 25.

With so many investigations ongoing I can't choose a date for when an indictment will come for sure. And under what I think must be a constant and severe strain the aspects could be accompanying an adverse psychological or medical condition instead of, or in addition to, a legal one.
Posted by bobnicewander | Sat Mar 20, 2021, 06:26 AM (4 replies)


I cannot change the past and I will not ignore when champions do what they do best.

We are Secretariat, Covid-19 is Sham. Are we running like the Derby went, starting way back, almost last, or like the Preakness, starting last but now getting ready to take the lead in the back stretch. Or like the Belmont Stakes, up with the leaders early, soon to be in the backstretch taking the lead, and then going down the home stretch ,"moving like a tremendous machine.", putting Covid-19 and the variations away.

Part of the Sibly chart Pluto return.


ADDED APR 8 2021:

Secretariat - The Life & Times Of An American Racing Legend

Posted by bobnicewander | Tue Mar 9, 2021, 02:06 AM (7 replies)

Jupiter or Saturn UPDATE - Feb up by 4,276

"The provisional counts for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) deaths are based on a current flow of mortality data in the National Vital Statistics System. National provisional counts include deaths occurring within the 50 states and the District of Columbia that have been received and coded as of the date specified. It is important to note that it can take several weeks for death records to be submitted to National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), processed, coded, and tabulated. Therefore, the data shown on this page may be incomplete, and will likely not include all deaths that occurred during a given time period, especially for the more recent time periods. Death counts for earlier weeks are continually revised and may increase or decrease as new and updated death certificate data are received from the states by NCHS. COVID-19 death counts shown here may differ from other published sources, as data currently are lagged by an average of 12 weeks." NOTE: Bolding by me


But look at March so far!!!
March 2021 - 1,432

All Deaths reported by the CDC by month involving COVID-19. Entries in bold are months with less than 1,000 per day in midst of pandemic - August an exception. February 2021 a drop of almost 64% from January 2021 (63.8%).

January 2020.............................17
February 2020...........................16
March 2020...........................7,080
April 2020...........................65,179
May 2020...........................38,164
June 2020.........................17,906
July 2020...........................30,965
August 2020......................29,704*
September 2020..............18,964
October 2020...................24,373
November 2020.................51,209
December 2020.................92,927

January 2021.....................78,388

February 2021.................28,410

Over 1,000 per day for February

Posted by bobnicewander | Sat Mar 6, 2021, 08:36 AM (3 replies)

Three very strong earthquakes

shook New Zealand in less than 8 hours on March 4, 2021. To translate UTC into New Zealand time subtract 12 hours from UTC if longitude is West of Greenwich or add 12 hours if longitude is East of Greenwich (it appears USGS did not do this for the 7.3 Quake that is listed as being measured in East longitude). The last 2 were probably related. Not sure about the first one being connected to them.

M 7.3 - 2021-03-04 13:27:36 (UTC) 3733'47"S 17926'38"E; 03-04 at 1:27:36 am, NZT.

M 7.4 - 2021-03-04 17:41:24 (UTC) 2939'54S 17750'24"W; 03-04 at 5:41:24 am, NZT.

M 8.1 - 2021-03-04 19:28:32 (UTC) 2944'6"S 17716'55'W; 03-04 7:28:32 am, NZT.

A Canlunar is a chart of the transiting Moon's entry into Sidereal Cancer.

The current Canlunar progressed to time and location of 8.1 quake has the IC at 32456'.

The progressed Canlunar Neptune/Pluto midpoint at 32444' is on it.

The progressed Canlunar Sun/Saturn midpoint at 32411' is on it.

The progressed Canlunar Venus/Jupiter midpoint at 32445' is on it.

Posted by bobnicewander | Fri Mar 5, 2021, 08:52 PM (3 replies)

Mr Smith Goes to Washington

Watch Videos Online | Mr Smith Goes to Washington | Veoh.com

No sign-in or join required. Just click on picture or > to view movie.

Posted by bobnicewander | Fri Mar 5, 2021, 01:43 AM (2 replies)

For msfiddlestix.

Link to possible solution article.

Democrats cant kill the filibuster. But they can gut it.

Three reforms Manchin and Sinema might consider


Link to Mr Smith Goes to Washington in Classic films Group:

Watch Videos Online | Mr Smith Goes to Washington | Veoh.com

No sign in or join required. Just click on picture or > to view movie.

Posted by bobnicewander | Fri Mar 5, 2021, 01:24 AM (1 replies)

How to

contribute to a GoFundMe.

Check, money order, or debit card?

The link is here on DU for a member and I want to contribute.
Posted by bobnicewander | Mon Feb 22, 2021, 10:26 AM (0 replies)
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