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rhett o rick

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Member since: Fri Apr 22, 2005, 01:05 PM
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Just put them on ignore. They have nothing but ridicule and you won't miss a thing.

The Billionaires have the money to Swiftboat Sen Sanders. It's worth multi-billions to them to keep him out of office. This fake racist issue is just the beginning. Actually the fake dual citizenship attack was the beginning.

Some here justify their support for HRC by claiming that social justice is more important than economic justice, therefore they don't care if HRC favors the Oligarchy economically. Of course they are wrong social justice and economic justice go hand in hand.

Stay and put them on ignore.

Do Some Social Justice Advocates Go Too Far?

This is from an article from medium.com posted by Aristotelis Orginos. More at the link:

Let me finally be abundantly, abundantly clear. Social justice and social justice advocacy is a good thing. To utilize one’s education to solve social ills is an admirable goal.

 in attempting to solve pressing and important social issues, millennial social justice advocates are violently sabotaging genuine opportunities for progress by infecting a liberal political narrative with, ironically, hate.

The version of millennial social justice advocacy  one that uses Identity Politics to balkanize groups of people, engenders hatred between groups, willingly lies to push agendas, manipulates language to provide immunity from criticism, and that publicly shames anyone who remotely speaks some sort of dissent from the overarching narrative of the orthodoxy — is not admirable. It is deplorable. It appeals to the basest of human instincts: fear and hatred. It is not an enlightened or educated position to take. History will not look kindly on this Orwellian, authoritarian pervision of social justice that has taken social media and millennials by storm over the past few years.

But the fact of the matter is — anyone unwilling to engage in productive, open, mutually critical conversations with people they disagree with under the moral protection of liberalism and social justice are not liberals, are not social justice advocates, and are not social justice warriors; they are social justice bullies.

Emphasis in bold added

This is an interesting article and not directed at anyone in DU.

And here is what she will say when the deal is done. "It's not as good as I would have liked.

We may have to improve on some aspects."

With the help of the Democratic Leadership all Democrats could get behind

Sen Sanders. But the billionaires have their eye on a HRC v Jeb Bush general. Win-win as the CEO of Goldman-Sachs explained to his executives.

The American people are the frog in the soup pot. The Republicons want to turn the heat up high, the conservative Democrats are ok with the current simmer, the Plutocratic-Oligarchs are happy either way. I am hoping that the frog follows the lead of Sen Sanders and jumps out of the pot and flips-off Goldman-Sachs, the king of the Oligarchs. I guess I'd rather die trying to save our democracy and economy than "simmer" for another 8 years.

"A handful of DUers", what does that mean? A special group? Where do they discuss these

Posted by rhett o rick | Sat Jun 6, 2015, 01:38 PM (2 replies)
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