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rhett o rick

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So if you are making me guess your point then here goes: If you are saying that

the oligarchs are not exercising Totalitarian control, I will agree. But if you are using that to indicate that the oligarchs aren't in control of this country then I don't agree. Do they let us vote? Sure, but are the votes effective? Not so sure. Do we get to choose who we vote for? Not for the presidency. Do our elected representatives represent us? I don't think so.

The fact that the Aristocracy doesn't exercise 100% control doesn't mean they aren't exercising 80% and it doesn't mean they can't go to 100% should they so choose. I think they realize that many Americans will accept 80% where they might not accept 100%.

It's like the frog in the pot story. The American Aristocracy thinks that the slow boil works better than the fast boil. And those among us that accept the status quo are figuratively saying that the water isn't tooo hot.

Over the last 30 years the American Aristocracy has been stealing the wealth of the middle and working classes. They would like it all but are in no big hurry.

I guess I stumbled trying to make my points.

First, those among us that believe a revolution would solve our problems didn't pay attention to their history lessons and are living in denial. Historically revolutions destroy a lot of the property of the masses, and merely succeed in switching one tyrant for another.

Second, continuing down the roads the lower classes have been taking for the last 30 years will lead to civil unrest but it's not likely the lower classes will unite against the Aristocracy. Most likely the rednecks will fight the minorities. IMO we are already in the first stages as the police (arms of the Aristocracy) have been persecuting the Black Community by harassing them, arresting them, and murdering them in the streets. How far down this road can we go before the Black Community says "enough"? If the Black Community does take a stand, who will support them? Certainly not the well armed Tea Baggers that will side with the police and Aristocracy.

While I might agree that there isn't a specific conspiracy by the Aristocracy, I do believe that the members of the Aristocracy act in harmony for their common interest, which IMO amounts to a conspiracy.

Some here say that things aren't so bad, and if we just keep our heads down, support the status quo, then maybe things will get better. That thinking hasn't worked for the last 30 years.

We must regain control of our local police and our elected representatives.

Revolution anyone? This is for those among us that think we can always fall back on revolution.

I think people take that attitude because they are basically lazy and instead of taking action today, they say, "What me worry, We can always revolt if it gets too bad" Well, about that.....apparently they know nothing of history and dream of successful revolutions where good guys replace bad.

So to those that believe in the revolution dream, tell the rest of us how exactly it will work. Who specifically will join with whom to fight the whose. I bet in your dream the masses unite and drag out the guillotines for the Aristocrats, and when we wake up we have a constitutionally controlled democratic republic. I hate to wake you out of that dream, but the Aristocracy isn't that stupid. What the Aristocracy will do is militarize the police, institute for-profit prisons, clamp down on the black communities (e.g. stop and frisk policies, etc. aimed at the black community). Lock up a good share of the black men and blatantly brutalize others. Those that are locked up will be forced to work as slaves ($2 per hour).

Unless something changes the black community will be under more and more pressure to strike back, to revolt. And the Aristocracy would like nothing better. Their goal is to turn some of the masses against others. And guess why the Powers That Be let the idiots have guns? Guess whose side the idiots will be on.

When they come for the African Americans will you stand up for them?
When they come for the Occupy Wall Streeters, will you stand up for them?
When the come for the leftist, will you stand up them?
You can bet the Tea Baggers won't.

It's never too soon to fight back.

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