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rhett o rick

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Member since: Fri Apr 22, 2005, 01:05 PM
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Lack of Voter Turnout Isnít the Problem

Lack of votes in and of itself is not our problem.

In 2000 when the Republicans and SCOTUS stole the election, lack of votes wasnít the problem.
In gerrymandered districts, more votes wonít change the outcomes. For example, if a district is 90% Democrats and the Democrats always win; more votes wonít change a thing. In a district that is split 60% Republican and 40% Democrats, and the Republicans win 60 Ė 40, more votes would not change the results.

The problem is the lack of Progressive Votes.

Our voting system is set up to disenfranchise and discourage Progressive Democrats from voting and/or render Democratic votes meaningless.

A bad analogy would be to assume our voting system is one big giant DieBold voting machine. No matter who you want to win, the results are what the Oligarchs want. Shoving more votes into the machine wonít change what comes out the other side.

So what are the real problems?

The basic problem is that we get too few Progressive votes.

And one big reason is that our voting system is corrupted. Until thatís fixed, getting more people to vote wonít solve our problem.

Also, the voters are mislead by the Corp-Media. We must figure out how to counter that. If we donít fix this, the ďmore votesĒ we get may be for Conservatives.

Another reason we donít get more Progressive votes is that we have too few Progressive candidates at the national level and the candidates we have wonít speak out against Conservatism loud enough to convince the public that there is a different between the parties.

If you want to get more Progressive Democrats to vote, work on solving the above problems. Simply complaining about lack of turnout is counter productive.
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