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jillan's Journal
jillan's Journal
September 2, 2014

Congratulations Republicans - I am blaming you for a large portion of what is going on in the World

A large portion - not everything.....

When the President of the United States sets foreign policy and then McCain and his boy-toy Lindsay travel around the globe, talking to world leaders bashing that very President - yeah - I blame you if those leaders do not take the President's words seriously.

Prime example - Israel. Obama put his foot down, said he wanted to go back to the 1967 borders - OMG! The right wing FLIPPED out!
There goes old man grumpy and his mistress off to Israel, not to stand with the democratically elected President but to tell Netanyahu - no worries, don't listen to President Obama. Any wonder why Bibi publicly endorsed Romney for President?

Let's talk about Putin. He's a REAL leader, unlike our President. Our President is weak (Lindsay on CNN). Mike Rogers - Putin is playing chess while our President is playing marbles. I betcha that was music to Putin's ears knowing how much he was idolized by the Republican Party.

When Obama said Syria had crossed the line - but he was going to follow the Constitution to have Congress do their job and authorize Military Options - there weren't the votes there for it to pass. And NOW they go on all the news shows pointing to this, how the President said Syria crossed the line but didn't do anything about it. That makes him weak.
Sorry - that is not how the story went. Not to mention that President Obama got what he wanted WITHOUT starting another war - sorry Johnny.

And now let's talk about Isis. Other than the tan suit, the only other thing they got out of the President's press conference was that he said he had no plan, no strategy when what he was saying was they are looking at all options and when they do have a strategy to move forward, it will be brought to Congress Kinda has a different meaning - ya think?
But that's only half of it. They are on every single cable news show, radio show saying the President has no strategy to deal with Isis. I'm sure leaders of Isis are enjoying every second of this. Do you think anyone in the world would have picked up on that portion of a sentence if the rw wackos weren't running around screaming about it? Oh and why can't President Obama be more like David Cameron - he's a real leader, our President wears mom jeans and tan suits.... never once connecting the dots that the man in the black head covering is British and that there is no Ocean between the UK and Syria.

When Dubya was in office we were scolded for being anti-American for questioning him. Dixie Chicks, anyone? It was so extreme. But that was just us - the bloggers, the DUers and the like. There was no one in the Press questioning what the cowboy was doing because it would make us look weak. And if anyone dared question that administration on our teevees, bamm - bye - here's the door, Phil Donahue.

You want to debate what to do about Isis? Putin? Korea? Israel? Fine - Then have a debate BUT belittling the President of the United States 24/7 on every single "news" channel is NOT a debate. Going to foreign countries and telling leaders of foreign countries that they don't have to listen to the President is NOT a debate. Pointing your fat fingers at the President for what is going on in the world while you try to end Obamacare for the 50th time is NOT a debate.

So when Netanyahu doesn't listen, and Putin ignores and Isis captures another American - yeah - I blame you Republicans. You have worked so hard to try and make our President be a failure that you didn't think for a second that if the President fails, America fails.
Somethings are bigger than politics.

I am thankful that Obama is our President, especially when it comes to foreign affairs. Shoot first and ask questions later only brings us Isis.

Ugh - sorry - I needed to explode as I turn off the tv and turn on some Muddy Waters instead......

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