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jillan's Journal
jillan's Journal
April 28, 2012

Felt creative this morning - what do you think? Song about the war on women.

It just popped into my head.... wish I knew how to put it to the actual music...
Constructive criticism welcomed.

Republican Men (tune of American Women)

Republican Men Stay Away from Me. Republican Men why won't you let me be?
Don't be making laws about my vajay, in November women will be voting you away.
I don't want to hear your lies no more, your war on women is rotten to the core.
Republican Men get away from me. Republican men why won't you let me be?

Don't even think about messing with my rights. American Women aren't afraid to fight.
The Religious Right likes to reach, but they don't even practice the religion they preach
Now GOP - I said go away. Republican Men I mean what I say.
Republican Men I said get away, Republican men, listen to what I say.
Don't be taking away my right to choose.
You started a fight that you are going to lose.
I don't want your war no more.
In November, I'll be showing you the door.
Women fought hard to get where we are today, there's no way in hell you're taking it away

Now Republicans, Stay away from Me.
Republican Men, you better let me be
You've got to go away, got to go away
Now go go go
Voting you out, GOP (2x)
bye-bye (4x)

You're no good for me
You're no good for society
I hope you enjoy the unemployment line.
You are not taking away what is mine.
You know I'm gonna vote you out
You know you have to go
I'm gonna vote you out, GOP
It's time for you to leave, GOP

Goodbye Republican Men!

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