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BooScout's Journal
BooScout's Journal
May 20, 2016

My Favorite Democrat is Hillary Rodham Clinton

She has been amazing me for decades now. I have never seen anyone stand up to the onslaught of right wing attacks from Republicans and come out the other side stronger than ever like Hillary has done so many times.

She is a fighter. She never lets the lies and the smears tear her down or hold her back. She has supported the Democratic Party and worked to change it from within her entire career. She has withstood vicious attacks from within and from without and done it with her head held high. She never gives up.

This primary season has been one of the most gruelling ones I have ever seen. As passionate supporters of their candidates have fought a war of words. Hillary was the candidate fighting off those words from both sides of the political spectrum as the right knew from the very beginning that she was the candidate they most feared to face come November. She still managed to win more votes than any candidate in either party.

In the coming weeks, the right is going to focus on her like a laser. I know she will not only survive it, she will come out on top. I know some say they won't or can't support her or vote for her....but as someone who was in a similar mindset and position in 2008, I'm hear to tell you that most will. Oh I swore I would never vote for Obama, and called him every name I could think of.....but at the end of the day....I not only voted for him once, but twice and became a big supporter of his presidency and his policies.

I'm a Democrat. I live my life in support of Democratic ideals and policies. I fight against right wing hate whenever I can and I dream of an entirely liberal Supreme Court and both houses of congress being a Democratic majority with a Democratic president sitting in the White House. I may not get everything I want in life before I lay down the liberal torch of my generation....but seeing Hillary in the White House is something I am going to see and remember for the rest of my days.

I can't wait to cast my vote in November!

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