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Hillary is going to win.....

She will win most of the Democratic primaries, most of the delegates, nearly all the super delegates and she will win the General Election as well.

I know many think Bernie is different and everyone will flock to his banner....but fact is that most won't. ....and many of us have been around to see it all play out before. Some virtual unknown captures some people's attention for awhile, rises so far in the polls and then doesn't go anywhere. This is happening just like it has before and more than likely will during the next election.

Most Democrats don't think Bernie has what it takes to win the GE. Most Democrats support Hillary (DU excepted of course). She is winning every national poll among Democrats and will continue to do so. In fact, she will get a rather large bump in the polls when they finally take out the un-candidate Biden from the equation.

America is not going to elect a self-described Socialist, whether he calls himself a Socialist or a Democratic Socialist. Neither are Americans prepared to elect someone who is promoting a Revolution with a price tag of 17 to 18 Trillion.

You can call the front runner Democrat all the names and labels you can think of....Corporate Democrat, elitist Democrat, establishment Democrat, etc. You can complain the front runner never mentions the names of other Democratic candidates and you can complain the press ignores your candidate......it makes no difference....at the end of the day....we know who will be representing the Democratic Party in November of 2016. Her name is Hillary. She will win. That's called reality.

Throwing Obama under the bus all for the good of the campaign...

Lately I've seen quite a few threads and posts here throwing President Obama under the bus. Comments like he's not a Democrat, he didn't do what he promised, he sold out to corporate,etc.

May I respectfully remind folks of just how bad a shape the country was in after 8 years of The Republican slime machine? And folks blaming The war in Iraq on Hillary?! .....well Bullshit.

The war in Iraq and the subsequent destabilization of the mid-east lies squarely in the lap of George Bush. It was his administration that went before Congress and the UN and lied about WMDs and you know what? The majority of America bought it hook, line and sinker. A lot of Democrats voted for the Iraq resolution. They were wrong, I thought so at the time, but like it or not, they were representing what the majority views of their constituents was at the time and they were assured by the President of the United States that the evidence about WMDs was golden. At the start of the Iraq war, opinion polls were as high as 79% in favor of it.

Hillary Clinton and other Democrats have since apologized for their votes and admitted they were wrong. I am not a vindictive person, if someone has the courage to own up to their mistakes and admit they were wrong and apologize for it, then I am willing to move on. Especially when you have someone like Colin Powell who was pretty well respected by both parties at one time, enough for Democrats to try and recruit him into the party btw....when someone of his calibre stands on the world stage and assures us there were wmds then a lot of people were going to believe him.

And trying to blame Obama and Clinton for all that is wrong in America and the world is duplicitous. Obama and Clinton have both worked their asses off trying to restore America's reputation around the world. A reputation virtually annihilated by the Bush Administration.

Under Obama, we now have available health care for all Americans. The groundwork for the ACA was laid down by Hillary Clinton decades ago. Yes, Hillary didn't achieve health care for all, but she introduced the premise into the American psyche and allowed Democrats (not Republicans) to map their battle plans thru the minefields of congress, with the Insurance Lobby and rabid republican politicos frothing at the mouth to destroy it any way they could.

The ACA is far from perfect, but it's a damned sight better than what we had before, which was nothing....but a noble idea. Many things in this life do not come easy. The best things in life you have to work hard for.

To dismiss President Obama and Hillary Clinton of not being true Democrats is preposterous and mendacious. It's an argument meant to deflect and we all know who it's meant to deflect scrutiny from now don't we?
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