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BooScout's Journal
BooScout's Journal
December 22, 2015

Why Hillary will get my vote....

Seasons greetings to all my DU friends!

I wanted to share why I will be casting my vote for Hillary soon.

I think she is the most qualified presidential candidate that I have seen in my lifetime. I think she is someone who has been working her entire life towards becoming our first woman President.

From her early years at Wellsley where she was the first ever student to be a commencement speaker, to her days as the first lady of Arkansas where she became a pioneering advocate for children and familes, to her tireless work to get Bill Clinton elected President....she showed even then that she was somebody different.

As First Lady she introduced the idea of Health-care for all to the nation's consciousness. It took over two decades to get there in the end, but I don't for a moment believe we could have achieved the ACA if Hillary hadn't paved the path for it to be part of American lives. It isn't perfect, but a damned lot more Americans have healthcare today than they did a few years ago. I believe Hillary is the person to help us improve the ACA regarding several areas like the cost of prescription drugs, etc. I think she will approach each obstacle thrown in the path of those seeking to improve the ACA with the fight and determination she has always shown us.

Hillary and I have not always agreed on the issues. I was very much against the Iraq war and I was sorely disappointed when she and so many other Democrats voted for the war....but I believe she has sincerely owned up to her mistake in voting for that war since and I know she objected to the many duplicitous acts of the Bush regime and the way they mislead congress and the American public regarding that war since then. I have moved on ..... so should we all. I realize this is just my opinion on her vote, everyone is entitled to their own opinion that may be contrary to my own and I accept that, but I realized a long time ago that 'we don't always get what we want' in life and I have let it go.

I think Hillary Clinton was a pretty damned good United States Senator. She was well known for her ability to reach across the aisle and accomplish the impossible ....compromises between Republicans and Democrats to actually get things done. I could bring in quotes here of how many of her colleagues on both sides of the aisle respect and admire her and her accomplishments, but by now we have all seen them....despite many Republicans and even a Democrat or two trying to revise history and pretend such accolades from them never happened or existed. I know they were said and so do most of us here.

When Hillary first ran for President in 2008, I was sure she was going to win. I had waited all my life to see a woman break that final glass ceiling and become President of the United States. Ultimately, I was heartbroken to see her lose the nomination to Barack Obama, who later became President Barack Obama. Not only was I heartbroken, I was so angry. I thought at the time, in the heat and the passion of the political season that she had been robbed. Who was this guy that snatched victory from my hero Hillary? I would NEVER vote for him!

Well friends....let me tell you I was wrong! When it came down to casting my vote for president, I did indeed vote for him. There was no way in hell I was going to have a Republican back in the White House after 8 years of George Bush. And guess what? I wound up really liking and admiring President Obama! He inherited one hell of a mess from Bush.

Obama inherited a world economy on the brink of the abyss. The economy had already crashed, but it almost slid off the deep end into another great depression and he lead the way to snatch it back. Now some of you would argue that he hasn't done enough. I would disagree with that. I would say that given the circumstances and the obstructionist Tea Party trying to block his every move, it's amazing what he has managed to accomplish.

One thing I really approved of with President Obama was his appointment of Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State. She was relentless and tireless in her pursuit of restoring American credibility and it's reputation abroad. The Bush Administration had virtually destroyed it, but in the next four years, Hillary travelled nearly a million miles to get it back. She accomplished in four years what many of us thought would take decades to do.

During Hillary's tenure as SOS she not only restored America's reputation around the world, she advocated relentlessly for women's and children's rights as she has her entire life. She made a difference.

Also during her term, there was a horrible terrorist attack in which one of our Ambassadors was killed. Rather than trying to take steps to ensure that such a tragedy never happened again....the Republicans in congress saw their opportunity and took it and ran. What ensued was a monumental witch hunt financed by the American tax payers to take down Hillary Clinton at all costs. For months upon months we listened and watched slimey Republicans like Trey Gowdy et al smear her and slander and libel her and drag her through a mountain of mud. They spent millions of the taxpayers dollars to try and accomplish her political death.

I am here to tell you all that they GOT NOTHING! Hillary went before Howdy Gowdy and his committee of Republican buffoons and she nailed their asses to the floor of congress and proved to the world what scumbags they really are! She took on the best the GOP had to offer and she decimated them. She did it with her honor and integrity intact and her head held high. So whenever I now hear people continuing to try and smear her with innuendo, conspiracy theories, lies and whatever else they care to throw at her...I just think of her brushing that speck of dust off her shoulder and I smile.

Hillary Rodham Clinton. Bring on whatever the Republicans or anyone else has to offer. She's got my vote and my heart!

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