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Montauk6's Journal
Montauk6's Journal
August 17, 2022

The Communist Control Act of 1954, hmm......

Pres. Eisenhower signed this into law, not just outlawing the party itself but making any membership or support a criminal act, more or less. Okay....

Now, to preface this I am a Democrat and NOT a Communist (small c, large C, whatever) but could someone remind me again of what the party DID actually? I mean actual acts not perceived or assumed threats.

Reason I ask is, if you look at the Republican Party--I mean, for the most part, the incarnation once the racist segregationist Dixiecrats joined the fold (yeah, you know, the part they like to leave out when they play that "party of Lincoln" card to throw shade on modern Democrats?)--think of all the real damage they've caused and are planning to double down on should they gain more power, from economic policies proven to bankrupt our country to encroachment on personal freedoms, suppression of the vote, religio-fundamentalist measures that run counter to the Constitution, ARMED INSURRECTION, FER CRYIN' OUT LOUD!!!!

Talk about a Red Scare, damn.

Just some early morning musings with coffee. Enjoy your Humpday!

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