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Sugar Smack

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Hometown: SE USA
Member since: Sat Feb 12, 2005, 11:40 AM
Number of posts: 18,613

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Donald Trump is so UGLY!! I can't even stand to look at him.

His nasty face makes my skin crawl. I get hives when I see a picture of him. That's not his head. His neck threw up. He's the world's history's ugliest blowup doll. He fell outta the Ugly Tree and hit every branch on the way down. He's repulsive, revolting, frightening, gross, awful, grisly, hideous, appalling, grotesque, horrid, disfigured, foul, deformed, loathsome, misshapen, creepy, nauseating, monstrous, repugnant, offensive, sleazy, obnoxious, and hateful.

Putrid-looking face. That no-oxygen look because his tie (and hair) are on too tightly. If I see his ugly, greasy, pustulent face one more time, I'll need a shower with a sandblaster. He's so ugly, he'd make a freight train take a dirt road. He's a walking, talking, tweeting BLIVIT. I'm not even going to go near that puffy, greasy mouth of his- open, closed, sucking on a pork chop. Trump's countenance is hideously deformed and there is absolutely no excuse for that hair.

He's uglier than a batch of homemade sin, bless his greasy, slimy, ugly 'lil heart... He's so ugly his mother had to feed him with a slingshot. His chauffeur was fined for littering when he dropped him off at school. Repulsive. I don't want to see his sweaty little clammy, manicured hands either. All the good that ever came out of the "thumbs up" or "Okay" sign is GONE now.

So, here's a picture of a kitty.


I know someone who knows someone who knows Paula Deen.

Can you imagine what an amazing addition to the White House she'd be? She'd be boss of her kitchen. Nobody in the world knows their fried vanilla puddings, cheesey-filled cheesecake crusts, or beeeeeaauuuuutiful chocolate birthday cake, more than Paula Deen. Nobody. (And from what I've heard, she's got quite a sense of humor)

Here she is, looking just a little like Marylin Monroe on JFK's birthday.


Paula Deen, such a pioneer, shares that special distinction with a small group of noteworthy women.. women of the highest culinary talents. I found this picture of one of my personal favorites:



To me, nothing sounds more sensible than Paula Deen joining the WH staff in that very capacity, starting today. She'd have her work cut out for her, of course. But aren't all such things a symptom of valor, that being its own reward?? And that Birthday cake would be 6 feet high. Too full of buttercream frosting to allow room for "the girl" (Ivank) to jump out of said cake. See: everybody wins.

It's ALL for YOU, Damien!!

Look at us!! WE LOVE YOU, DAMIEN. It's all for YOU!!


Photos from- https://riversofgrue.com/2014/02/18/the-omen-1976/


ATTN James Comey: Eat your damned oatmeal.

I don't care if you hate oatmeal, just eat it.

2) Take a nice walk outside. Wear your headphones & put Bach Brandenburg concertos on low. If music relaxes you, whatever it is: if you have a penchant for 90's music, Beastie Boys, The Pixies, Tiffany, listen to it.

3) Wear horse-blinders in public so as to avoid attracting attention. And for your own Focus, of course.

4) DON'T listen to what ANYONE says to you.

5) Get a good back, neck and scalp massage.

6) Take your vitamins and a low-dose aspirin, drink water.

7) Try stretching & rolling your neck. If you hear your bones pop like a gun going off, try again later today.

You need to be alert tomorrow. Force yourself to go to bed early! And we don't give a rat's ass if you 'don't wanna go to bed', just go to bed.

Be well, Mr. Comey-- let's go make things right.

pic from:http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/comey-gave-inaccurate-testimony-congress-clinton-emails-sources/story?id=47300260

Of course-! I'd be honored to plan & prepare Trump's Birthday Dinner.

We know what "the president" likes. We don't even have to ask him what he likes, because the entire world knows- the minute it occurs to him. Bearing that in mind, I suggest we begin with

APPETIZERS: The Two Lil-Fisted Dougnut

The meat inside the doughnut must be very well-done. Everyone will be served one, except our king-of-the-day, who gets TWO. Because, birthday.

SALAD: WATERGATE Salad (with cream cheese)

A taste of the South for that king of NYC. Bursting with marshmallows, pudding and CoolWhip? It's a salad. Believe me. It's tremendous.

SOUP: PRIMORDIAL (exactly the way our B-Boy wants it)

ENTREE: "ROMAN ORGY meat construction" (not pictured)

Krill baked inside salmon baked inside duck baked inside chicken baked inside turkey baked inside a pig baked inside a cow. Deep-fried afterward, the whole thing. It's like eating so many animals at once, which is something Trump would really enjoy.

DESSERT: The BEAUTIFULLEST Piece of Chocolate Cake and THREE scoops of Ice Cream!

The "president" will be served Two Pieces, of course. Everyone else gets only half a slice because they're not the President of The United States. Everyone there will eat it with Ketchup dip, which is Trump's favorite food.

I'm speechless at being asked to prepare this most special of meals for our very special president. Honored.
I will do my personal best to make it a real winner.

And thank you.


He hides behind his phone. Here's a protest sign I made about that, for any march I go to in the future.

Donald Trump reminds me of Elliot Rodger.

His frame of mind is so, so dangerous. Elliot's contrived "evil laugh", his vanity, money, everything... you can substitute a lot of things for the word "girls" and get Trump in this scenario. Money? How much money does one person need? How many "objects"?

Elliot Roger was a malignant narcissist. This one, Elliot, uses the word "loser", too. He preens. He discards all that was handed to him on a silver freaking platter. Then he commits mass murder and kills himself.

This is some scary shit. Trump's like Elliot Roger, without all the charm.

Protest Sign IDEAS for June 3 (This Saturday!)

I'm starting my sign- a 6-foot high strong cardboard cylinder. I'm going to have just one word on this giant-sized poster: SAD!!!! Big, bold caps and hundreds of craft-supply rhinestones glued onto each letter & exclamation mark.

I made a similar one back in Oct. 2011. I was at the DC Occupy and Stop the Machine. It said "HOKA HEY"- pink/purple/opalescent rhinestones on a black background. It sparkled, & now it's hanging on my bedroom wall despite all the damage.

I've never, in the history of everything, seen anything so creative or engaging as an Anti-Trump protest.

Please feel free to leave your best-AND-worst here.

I'm tired of BRACING MYSELF all the damned time.

This happens as early in the day as the moment I wake up. I remember what we're dealing with- remember the last news of yesterday & dread discovery of what may have happened overnight. Then steel myself: for the sheer fact of Trump's "Presidency", and the likelihood he'll outdo himself. Again. TODAY. WORSE.

It's become physical. The first time I remembered to roll my neck, I heard a "crack" like a gun going off. That was 4 days ago. It's getting easier to do. But, time flies while you're NOT having fun: my neck, shoulders & upper back are singing. They've been neglected for months. I'm going to ask the next person I see today to give my shoulders a nice yank from behind. Ask my best friend for a scalp massage.

With "recovery" at night, I drink a lot of chamomile tea with honey. Maybe a little grass? Or take a melatonin? I curl up in bed with my cat, and I read Stephen King. I *HAVE* to read Stephen King to get away from this %$#@!@%$ shit.

Thanks for letting me get that off my back. Shoulders, neck.

"Sorry, everybody."


Although, Melania-- you kind of knew what you were getting into. Isn't that right?

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