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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 02:14 AM
Number of posts: 97,548

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Imagine a world where the Lincoln Project becomes the Lincoln Party

in the middle. Just like the Liberals have one most often in canada over the last 152 years as there are multiple parties in canada so the center party wins. Now i like the Liberals and politics of all parties in canada are way to the left of parties in the US, but a center right party run by the people running the Lincoln Project would break up the Democratic big tent. That is the republicans only choice because the majority of americans refused to give up their humanity and become white supremacists and republicans then need a new coalition as demographics change for good. A Lincoln Party could run in the center and win the presidency then work with Republicans in the House and Senate. I don't know for sure but these are cold blooded operators who have not woken up from anything. They made the Republican Party the less obvious white supremacist party for decades. Think about it.

I posted because i like the idea of women getting enough education

the world over that they have fewer than two children. And that populations declines that way. The right would like the population to decline because of of climate events while oil magnates continue to get rich off of it and disease (why else do you think Trump pulled out of WHO?). It is a choice. Population will go down but it could be catastropic mayhem that kills children like rampant disease or it could be better education and access to reproductive health and other healthcare with fossil fuel mitigation and replacement.

The plutocrats don't want public health for the world. They want a die off.

That way fewer people will mean less carbon. Which is one way of reducing carbon. An alternative way would be to leave oil in the ground and have a few multi millionaires less multi. Bill Gates and WHO want to immunize kids so they don't die in childhood so their mom's have fewer children (and access to birth control). Education is a part of that option. Bet plutocrats don't like that. They hate educated people because they understand power. It is a specific choice. I don't know if Trump is aware of the reason why he is defunding it. Probably.

The followers of a cult getting their self worth by taking on policing and

science roles themselves. They are not police or health experts. There is some emptiness in their lives, likely caused by the GOP gutting middle class jobs and union ones over 40 years, etc... that they need to fill with these false roles they feel compelled to act out. Feeling compelled by a psychopath or psychopatic movement is a really strong magnitude of emotion than you have ever felt before with : "i must do this" atrached. And then they get some self esteem from those actions. So they are locked in. And telling them the need to wear a mask just robs them if that compelled by the psychopaths role and they get angry because you are taking away their identity.

The part of Trump's voters who are peeling off may just be sick and tired

of race being an issue. They don't karen people and get their jollies by joining that fake Trump civil society (no union building allowed). They realize there is nothing in Trump's vision for them. The plutocrats take it all. And things feel a bit warmer and sunnier when they think of living in a multirace and vibrant society the USA could be. 'A taco truck on every corner' sounds pretty good than watching racism corral Trump's cult day in and out so that rich people pay even less in taxes.

And Trump has taught his base to attack poc who are doing a lemonade stand

without a permit because they are 14 or driving in a predominantly white neighbourhood because they live there. And in Trump's speech tonight he described how his base would be attacked and maligned for their beliefs by this totalitarian left. That is 'black baiting'.

"Hey Trump base: the reason you are feeling really bad and hated and maligned is not because of the left, it is because you are listening to Trump. He is setting you up for conflict." Applegrove

McConnell and Cheney are now pro-mask. I bet the calculation was that not wearing masks

was a wedge issue not working in the GOP's favour. So they are trying to blur the sharp edges of the issue and erase the wedge. Took the pandemic to hit the South to get them to do it. If they cared about people they would have done it earlier and would be for things like great healthcare for Americans.

And for god's sake was is this US policing meme of the last decade where

people with any smarts-high IQ should never be hired as local police? Police need to think on their feet, excel at spatial reasoning, strive for improvement of their profession and verbally negotiate tricky situations to defuse........ oh i see. It must be a right wing thing to keep racial peace and equality from happening. The right wing does **** like that. It is structural. A smart person might blow the whistle on bad cops in their midst...oh wait cell phones came along and did it anyhow.

Is the world going to be saved from authoritarians by the youth? First George Floyd protests

that last a month. Now teens and KPOP fans trolled the ticket numbers for Trumps rally. Black youth would not stand for Trump's overt racism and tolerance of dangerous policing faced by poc. Other youth joined in. Maybe Trump playing footsie with Kim Jong Un did not go over well with young people in Korea. Their lives are all on the line in each case. Maybe the internet savy youth will save us all. Maybe they are more powerful than bots and Russians. And who can forget the Majory Stoneman Douglass kids on gun issues or Greta Thunberg. This is their time.

Does the right want knee jerk reactors as police rather than people who can

think on their feet? The better to keep the police in the fold of the right as they lower wages and crash relations with the people in more poverty who see more crime. Is it "skinny policing" that serves to make everything not upper middle class - shitty?
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