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Member since: Sat Feb 5, 2005, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 2,425

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Since Republicans reliably obstruct...

Since Republicans will obstruct literally anything and EVERYTHING Democrats are FOR, why aren't we using reverse psychology and simply taking the Republican position on every single issue from the get-go?

Just a thought.


Judge Jackson's facial expressions today when taking a very pregnant pause to contemplate her response to Ted Cruz's idiotic question about babies being racist and CRT. She looked as though she had been asked to slog hip deep in sewage, yet she brilliantly navigated that cesspool in such a way that Cruz was the one who looked ridiculous for asking.

Britain slow-walking seizure of RU yachts & properties


Breathtaking bravery of the Ukrainians

...fighting on the frontlines of the battle for democracy in the world. For themselves first, but also for all of us.


A Boy Called Christmas

I just saw this film last night on Netflix and thought it was wonderful! Don't miss it!


Any chance?

Any chance Manchin's "this is a no" stunt blowing up BBB is a Trumpian distraction to change the conversation away from the treasonous bastards in Congress and on Faux News?

I couldn't help but notice he announced it on Faux... as if it was his personal gift of fealty to the dark side. Something stinks to high heaven...

When can DeJoy be removed?

Are we waiting on another Board member's term to expire?

It's crazy alright

But the good news is they are BY FAR the minority-- like these MAGAt crazies amount to only about 20% or less of all Americans. So, given that, the messaging should be that 80% of all Americans want nothing to do with that orange anus, and all of his spawn, and wish TFG would f*cking DISAPPEAR forever from our national political discourse, if not altogether. He is POISON and most Americans are fully fed up with everything to do with him!!!

The GQP has weaponized COVID.

This deadly virus is being used to create a public health disaster of catastrophic proportions, right under our very noses in plain sight, up to and including knowingly sacrificing the lives of unvaccinated, innocent children. EVERY single GQP that is not actively working to stop this crime against humanity is complicit, as well as perversely derelict in their duty to protect, defend, and advocate for and on behalf of the best interests of their constituents.

Using a pandemic to kill and maim Americans in a sick effort to pin this disaster on Joe Biden's coat lapel is the most obscenely cynical and dangerous political strategy ever. I am horrified and concerned for our country like never before.

How on Earth are criminal charges not being pressed and arrests not being made of every GQP participating in this evil? They should all be kicked out of Congress, or whatever office they hold-- right down to fucking dogcatcher!!‐‐ and face criminal prosecutions.

What happened to Rachel tonight?

Anyone know?
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