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The Wine Cave Issue that appears overlooked.

Warren was referencing a 1 week old report from the associated press about the origins of the wine cave fundraiser that Buttigieg used. The problem was not the chandeliers or even the 900 dollars per bottle. The real problem is that the owner has been a prominent Democratic donor as a result of being bailed out from the Savings and Loans crisis that he was embroiled in in the 1980s and his fortune -and freedom, is likely a direct result of his large donations, particularly the large contributions given to the Speaker of the House at the time. This is important because this is a perfect example of the type of corruption that Warren has vowed to take on if she were elected President.

Craig and Kathryn Hall are prolific donors who split their time between Dallas and their California wineries. But they have also drawn notoriety over their past giving, as well as Craig Hallís role in a 1980s savings and loan crisis.

Massive contributions to Democrats in the 1990s helped secure an Austrian ambassadorship for Kathryn Hall during Bill Clintonís second term. Risky investments by Craig Hall, the chairman and founder of the Hall Group, during the savings and loan meltdown in the 1980s culminated in an over $300 million federal bailout and the resignation of House Speaker Jim Wright of Texas, a Democrat he turned to for help.

Federal regulators had been zeroing in on a series of Hallís unpaid loans. To push back, the developer and bank operator turned to Wright, who was then ascending in the House leadership, to get them to back off, the AP reported at the time.

Wright held up legislation that would have given the struggling industry a $15 billion lifeline and told federal officials they had a ďchoice.Ē A few days later, the regulator overseeing some of Hallís loans was replaced and the legislation moved forward.

Taxpayers eventually covered the cost of Hallís default while the developerís outreach to Wright played a central role in a congressional ethics investigation that toppled him from the speakerís office in 1989.


That's pretty bad.

It just means the share of seats rarely reflects the will of the voters. And I thought the EC was bad?

This is premature, but when he resigns, I think Feingold could have a great shot at replacing him.

It would be a good year for him to run.

There is no such thing as an old fashioned republican.

So that criticism is moot. There are evil nazi bastards, and there is the anti-evil nazi bastards. That's us.
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