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Arkansas Granny

Arkansas Granny's Journal
Arkansas Granny's Journal
May 1, 2020

This is how to respond to allegations of sexual assault.


Joyce Alene

When allegations of sexual assault are made by a woman they should be taken seriously & investigated. This is true for the allegations against Biden, but also for the 20+ women who’ve come forward with credible allegations of assault by Trump. The same standards must be used. https://twitter.com/mikedelmoro/status/1256185803602100224

Michael Del Moro

NEWS: Biden, in a statement, says he is requesting the Secretary of the Senate “ask the Archives to identify any record of the complaint [Reade] alleges she filed & make available to the press any such document.”

8:19 AM - May 1, 2020
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April 30, 2020

We Are Living In A Failed State


When the virus came here, it found a country with serious underlying conditions, and it exploited them ruthlessly. Chronic ills—a corrupt political class, a sclerotic bureaucracy, a heartless economy, a divided and distracted public—had gone untreated for years. We had learned to live, uncomfortably, with the symptoms. It took the scale and intimacy of a pandemic to expose their severity—to shock Americans with the recognition that we are in the high-risk category.

The crisis demanded a response that was swift, rational, and collective. The United States reacted instead like Pakistan or Belarus—like a country with shoddy infrastructure and a dysfunctional government whose leaders were too corrupt or stupid to head off mass suffering. The administration squandered two irretrievable months to prepare. From the president came willful blindness, scapegoating, boasts, and lies. From his mouthpieces, conspiracy theories and miracle cures. A few senators and corporate executives acted quickly—not to prevent the coming disaster, but to profit from it. When a government doctor tried to warn the public of the danger, the White House took the mic and politicized the message.

Every morning in the endless month of March, Americans woke up to find themselves citizens of a failed state. With no national plan—no coherent instructions at all—families, schools, and offices were left to decide on their own whether to shut down and take shelter. When test kits, masks, gowns, and ventilators were found to be in desperately short supply, governors pleaded for them from the White House, which stalled, then called on private enterprise, which couldn’t deliver. States and cities were forced into bidding wars that left them prey to price gouging and corporate profiteering. Civilians took out their sewing machines to try to keep ill-equipped hospital workers healthy and their patients alive. Russia, Taiwan, and the United Nations sent humanitarian aid to the world’s richest power—a beggar nation in utter chaos.
April 29, 2020

How many of us can identify with this?


Day 99,999,999 of #Quarantine

My son just asked me why I am so dressed up today.


My leggings and sweatshirt match. 🤗🤗🤗#tahdah #HeNoticed #NeverWearingABraOrJeansAgain 👖

April 28, 2020

Republicans are needlessly forcing people to risk their lives.


Bill Kristol

So the Republican position is employers should get a waiver of liability if their workplace turns out to be unhealthy, but employees should lose unemployment benefits if they won't return to that unhealthy workplace. Will American capitalism survive the current Republican Party? https://twitter.com/ScottImmordino/status/1255231572233551872

scott immordino
Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) said in her state, it will be considered a “voluntary quit” if an employee refuses to return to work once businesses reopen, thereby losing access to unemployment benefits.

A similar situation will soon play out in Texas. https://mavenroundtable.io/theintellectualist/news/states-warn-that-workers-will-lose-unemployment-if-they-refuse-to-return-to-jobs-vbq1clsQ6USCAmgeoeym4w

April 28, 2020

Sitting on the front porch watching activity at the feeder.

In the last few minutes I've had a pair of Cardinals, a White Crowned Sparrow, a Downy Woodpecker and a couple House Finches. There was a Mourning Dove earlier, but it flew when I walked outside. The rest aren't bothered by my presence.

The wren's who were nesting in the watering can on the porch have left the nest. I didn't see them leave. One day they were making frequent trips bringing in various insects and the next morning there's nobody home.

ETA: I just had a cottontail bunny sprint across the front yard.

April 27, 2020

I watched a Japanese chef use an interesting method to make tempura

batter on tv this morning. He used the whisk in an up and down tapping motion to mix the ingredients instead of stirring in a circular motion. He explained that stirring would allow too much gluten formation in the batter and would toughen it.

Has anyone seen this before? I wonder if that method would work on muffin and pancake batters to keep them tender.

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