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Arkansas Granny

Arkansas Granny's Journal
Arkansas Granny's Journal
March 31, 2020

How much alcohol is in those lens cleaners for your glasses?

Would they work to sanitize your phone?

March 31, 2020

OK, everyone. Pop quiz. Close your eyes and tell what shirt you have on.

I've been hanging out in sweats and pj's for so long, I couldn't remember what I was wearing without looking

March 29, 2020

The contrast is mind boggling.


Yamiche Alcindor

More than 133K Americans have been infected w/ coronavirus & more than 2,300 have died. Dr. Fauci says U.S. will have “millions of cases” & more than 100,000 deaths.

Also true, Pres Trump has spent part of today tweeting about ratings of his press briefings & Harry & Meghan.

3:18 PM - Mar 29, 2020
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March 28, 2020

Trump calls Alex Rodriguez for Covid-19 advice, not former Presidents

Trump reportedly called former Yankees player Alex Rodriguez to ask for his thoughts on handling the coronavirus outbreak

President Donald Trump called the former baseball player Alex Rodriguez for his thoughts on the administration's response to the coronavirus outbreak, ABC News reported Friday evening.

The call was reportedly part of a number of calls Trump made this week regarding the virus and its impact on the country.
Rodriguez is not a medical or public health expert.

Trump has contradicted public health experts in statements on how to limit the spread of the coronavirus and ease the burden on the healthcare system.


President Donald Trump said Sunday that as he tackles the current national crisis, he doesn’t want to “bother” his predecessors and doesn’t think he’s “going to learn much” from them.

In response to a reporter’s question on whether he would reach out to any former presidents (George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama or Jimmy Carter), Trump implied that wasn’t in the cards.
March 27, 2020

Models predict possible 3,500 cases in 2 weeks in Arkansas.


2:41 p.m.: Models estimate state’s virus cases could grow to 3,500 in two weeks, governor says

Models for the spread of covid-19 in Arkansas estimate there could be 3,500 cases of the illness in the state in the next two weeks, Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Friday. The climb to that number would represent an almost ten-fold increase over the total Friday afternoon of 381.

“We at the same time want to do everything we can to beat that modeling,” Hutchinson said. “We also want to prepare for the worst-case scenario.”

Hutchinson said if cases reach 3,500 by mid-April, the state expects 750 people would need hospitalization.
March 27, 2020

Think of Covid-19 as glitter.


Ken McGrath
Have you ever come into contact with glitter? Like hugged or shaken hands with someone who was wearing or using it? And for the next two weeks, it hangs around forever and ends up on surfaces you can’t recall touching, even after showering & washing?
Think of COVID-19 as glitter.

12:21 AM - Mar 23, 2020
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March 26, 2020

Trump has sent a cease and desist letter over this ad.


Sahil Kapur

The Trump campaign just released a cease and desist letter demanding that TV stations immediately pull this ad. https://assets.donaldjtrump.com/2017/web/hero_images/Redacted_PUSA_Letter.pdfhttps://twitter.com/prioritiesusa/status/1242193904553865216

Priorities USA

Trump refused to take the threat of the coronavirus seriously, now he won’t take responsibility as his administration has been totally unprepared for this crisis.

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5:06 PM - Mar 25, 2020
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