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Arkansas Granny

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Gender: Female
Hometown: Arkansas
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Jan 13, 2005, 04:13 PM
Number of posts: 31,263

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For many women, watching Trump interrupt Clinton 51 times was unnerving but familiar

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Constant interruption. A condescending tone. Eye-rolling.

For many women, the presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was a case study in deja vu. For more than 90 minutes on a national stage, they said Tuesday, Trump subjected the first female presidential candidate from a major party to indignities they experience from men daily, in the workplace and beyond.

Tweeted Chicago-based writer Britt Julious: “Thoughts & prayers to every woman watching the #debates & getting painful flashbacks to dudes talking over them at work, school, home, etc.”

“The sad thing,” said Christina Emery, an author from Swansea, Illinois, “is that I’m so used to men interrupting women — especially when they want to change the subject — that I didn’t pay much attention to Trump’s behavior. I was focused on Clinton and how she handled herself.”


Posted by Arkansas Granny | Wed Sep 28, 2016, 02:56 PM (3 replies)

Heads up. Frontline:. "The Choice" airs tomorrow night on PBS.


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are two of the most polarizing presidential candidates in modern history. On Tues., Sept. 27, FRONTLINE’s acclaimed election-year series, “The Choice,” returns — going behind the headlines to investigate what has shaped these two candidates, where they came from, how they lead and why they want one of the most difficult jobs imaginable.
Posted by Arkansas Granny | Mon Sep 26, 2016, 08:09 PM (1 replies)

I don't know if anyone has posted this or not. Three women who have inspired Hillary.

Posted by Arkansas Granny | Sun Sep 25, 2016, 11:31 AM (5 replies)

President Trump’s First Term


A long read, but very interesting.
Posted by Arkansas Granny | Tue Sep 20, 2016, 07:50 AM (2 replies)

Trump won't release medical records on Dr. Oz show

Donald Trump's sit-down with Dr. Mehmet Oz on Wednesday will not include a discussion of the Republican nominee's medical records or recent physical examination, despite past reports and suggestions to the contrary.
But that does "not necessarily" mean that Trump has changed his mind about sharing his records, spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told CNN as reports surfaced that Trump would not be revealing his medical records on "The Dr. Oz Show." The show is set to air on Thursday.
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"I mean as far as I know Brian Kilmeade isn't a spokesperson for the campaign. And I think that the campaign itself has been extremely clear that Donald Trump will release his records this week from a physical he took on Friday," Huckabee Sanders said. "We're in the middle of the week. It's certainly not over and he still plans to do that. But he is, unlike Hillary Clinton, willing to sit down with a doctor in a public forum and have a very open discussion about his health just as he's done on hundreds of other issues, because he's unafraid to sit down with the press. He does it every single day. And he's going to do it to talk about his health as he continues to do it on the campaign trail."

Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway dismissed the notion that his records would be an expected topic of discussion.
"No, he was going to talk about the fact that he had a physical. And that, what the results are, or what the doctor may have told him to date. I wasn’t present at his physical," Conway said on "America's Newsroom." "But I think on Dr. Oz, they’re actually going to talk about other concerns for America. They’re taking questions from the audience, as I understand. I would imagine that Dr. Oz will talk about what he talks about on his show every day: addiction or Zika or other health concerns for people. But he will, if he is asked a question about his health or his stamina, I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer it. He’s always happy to answer."
Asked whether Trump would release the results of his checkup, Conway confirmed that he would do so "when he gets the results from his doctor."

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/09/trump-dr-oz-medical-records-228145#ixzz4KF3skxXT
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Posted by Arkansas Granny | Wed Sep 14, 2016, 10:51 AM (3 replies)
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