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Member since: Thu Dec 30, 2004, 05:48 PM
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Oil & Gas Deeply Infiltrated by Armed Militia Groups

Former FBI Official calls it very concerning, worthy of criminal investigation. Three Percenter candidate brags about how much influence they have over national security infrastructure. He admits they have a crazy wing in the oil fields of North Dakota. More than one whistleblower. Contrast to alleged "ecoterrorism."

Cross posted in general discussion as Portland abductors may be militia and thus not uniformed. At least the Oregon Attorney General alleged as much in the complaint seeking an injunction to stop feds using unmarked officers and unmarked vehicles.


Is Portland Part of a Rightwing Militia Takeover?

Oregon's Attorney General has sued the federal government seeking an injunction against arrests by persons without uniforms and badges and/or in unmarked vehicles.

The Oregon complaint states in part:

“Defendants are injuring the occupants of Portland by taking away citizens’ ability to determine whether they are being kidnapped by militia or other malfeasants dressed in paramilitary gear …. or are being arrested."

The militia is exposed to an unprecedented degree in this article including militia candidates for office bragging about the extent of their influence and membership.

This expose' about 3%er militia is well-researched and includes expert opinions by former counter terrorism officials. Turns out militia is HEAVILY present in oil and gas, has Congressmen proclaiming fealty, has connections to police and other law enforcement, and is present at critical national energy infrastructure facilities.

For insight into armed protests at state capitols, harassment of indigenous people and protesters, events in Portland, and the discussion about contemporary fascism, this is an absolute Must Read.


Electability is the Root of all Ugliness

Through the concept of "electability" we project onto the electorate degrees of all the social ills we oppose: racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-young, anti-progressivism, and so on. Through the concept of electability we systematically discard everything we say we support: we discard racial minority candidates, women, gay candidates, young candidates and now have two older white men left, one of them Jewish and progressive and the conventional wisdom is that he will be discarded leaving us with the oldest white male with the least diversity politically or in terms of personal identity.

If electability were a person, it would be the most despicable person I know: racist, sexist, the whole parade of horribles.

But wait! Electability raises its ugly head in a time when we have in fact elected Muslim, African American, LGBT, women, and young candidates like AOC all of whom would be considered unelectable.... And we have also had a black President for 8 years. Why keep projecting this ugliness onto the entire electorate when IT IS ONLY A MINORITY VIEW?

Electability is the enemy, the root of most election ugliness. People should vote for what they believe in and stop killing what they believe in on grounds of "electability." How ironic is it that just when society, through elections, has achieved the momentum to make society better, we abort that mission on grounds of electability, even though diverse candidates statistically are winning at all levels at higher rates than non-progressive white males??
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