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Member since: Thu Dec 30, 2004, 05:48 PM
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Sen. Klobuchar Used My Line (Posted on DU) in the debate

Before the 2018 election results were announced, I posted my prediction here on DU that a progressive Democratic blue wave would hit, but I specifically.changed wave to wall and said Trump would pay for that wall.

Here is my original post from 2018:

I also repeated this framing on Sirius XM Progress radio on a call-in.

Then Senator Amy Klobuchar adopted my line and on September 21 there were 61 likes for it here: https://www.democraticunderground.com/1287289211

Sen. Klobuchar repeated that line in last night's debate, which caught my attention.

I just want to say that beautiful blue walls are not created by the bipartisan working across the aisle that is one of Senator Klobuchar's signature characteristics.
They are created by hard campaigning for Dems and against Republicans.

I don't mind anyone using this phrase in general, but i do want to state my objection to it being repurposed to apply to the bipartisan efforts Klobuchar favors. The 2018 elections had a big beautiful blue wall that emphatically rejected Trump and Republicans. It wasn't a handshake across the aisle Amy!

The least Klobuchar could do is give a shout out to getting good ideas from DU!! (Or DUers on Progress radio).

On edit: some excellent research below showing some others thought of the phrase before too. I salute them. I still object to repurposing the line to refer to bipartisan efforts!

Cross-Link to prairieblog on Health Time Bomb in ND (Coverup During Standing Rock)


Theprairieblog link referenced at the above link breaks new ground on the discovery of the health time bomb of 11,000,000 gallons of spilled gasoline condensate in Watford City, ND.

A Health Time Bomb in the Fracked Oil Fields (Coverup During Standing Rock)

The people of North Dakota, and especially Watford City, ND, are now guineau pigs for the effects of the largest gasoline condensate spill in US history-- a spill of approximately 11,000,000 gallons the state of North Dakota covered up as a mere 10 gallon spill throughout all of the Standing Rock controversy.

Much more at:

New (2nd) whistleblower on coverup of spill size of Exxon Valdez

Cross-link to latest breaking news:

Also details systemic issues with construction of fracking gas plants in oil boom area.

Whistleblower Details Flawed Construction at ND Gas Plants with Downplayed Huge Spill

Cross link to Latest Breaking News

Partial summary (much more at link above)
A former oil & gas industry employee describes a dangerous safety culture among companies operating in North Dakota and the state's regulators. An underground leak of natural gas condensate estimated at 11 million gallons - comparable to the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill - has continuously been reported as a spill of only 10 gallons until exposed by an earlier whistleblower on desmogblog.com. “North Dakota is basically a Petrostate,” the second whistleblower, Paul Lehto, is quoted as saying. “There is regulatory capture, and sure that happens in other areas, but nowhere is it more extreme than in North Dakota.”

Whistleblower Reveals Flawed Construction at Gas Plants Where Massive Spill Downplayed by State

Source: www.desmogblog.com


Read more: Link to sourcehttps://www.desmogblog.com/2019/10/01/whistle-blower-lehto-oneok-north-dakota-gas-plants-spill

The state of North Dakota continues to attempt to downplay a spill estimated by Oneok itself in documents as 11,000,000 gallons of gasoline condensate - as large as the Exxon Valdez spill. A second whistleblower now comes forward to detail flawed construction at ND gas plants , adding a second issue that was never revealed during the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) controversy.
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