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Land Shark

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Member since: Thu Dec 30, 2004, 05:48 PM
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Why there is NO WAY to Defend Kavanaugh's Demeanor

The claim is being made that Kavanaugh's belligerent and interrupting demeanor is "understandable" given the seriousness of the allegations and what he and his family are being "dragged through." This defense is absolutely unacceptable.

EVERY litigant, judge, lawyer, witness, Senate confirmee, and congressional witness, and yes even a defendant and a death penalty defendant, is required to comport themselves in a dignified, respectful and honest manner.

The seriousness of the charge is irrelevant, and if anything the seriousness of an allegation increases the demamds for proper temperament.

Kavanaugh disqualified himself simply by being disrespectful. Even if he hadn't been partisan, he disqualified himself, but his disrespectful belligerence falls below minimum standards for anyone in a courtroom or congressional process.

Indeed, the women who interrupted, got emotional and spoke their passionate opinions in earlier Kavanaugh hearings were ARRESTED and removed from the room, a fate they fully expected.
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