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Health Issues: Trump Could Die Any Day Now!

Speaking of health "issues" and the future President, the National Institute of Health says the mentally ill have a life expectancy of 14 to 32 fewer years than the average American. See [link:http://www.nimh.nih.gov/about/director/2011/no-health-without-mental-health.shtml|


Some reporter or surrogate should ask the Trump campaign: Doesn't this mean Donald Trump could die any day now?

Of course, if the premise of mental illness were denied, that would be topical as well.

Who knows, this might be enough to.stop the dumb health issue attacks! What is Trump's life expectancy at his age, 82 years? Then 82 minus the minimum reduction in life expectancy of 14 is 68 and he's already past that age! Those "concerned" with the health of Hillary Clinton should be most concerned about this - their own candidate!

(For a serious, non-trolling discussion of the factors that cause these decreases in longevity, one of which has to do with barriers to treatment, please see the link above, and remember that 99.999% of the mentally ill deserve our compassion and are not running for President.)

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