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Of course the county Republican DA claims the problem was restricted to Republican voters, but multitudes of complaints from all over California belie that particular detail. But it is always a major story when something breaks through the twin election official stonewalls of (1) blame the voter, and (2) deny there's any evidence, or sufficient evidence, to think anything at all is wrong

Most importantly, in this story labeled as "developing," the original story still (pinted at the link above) reports some problems but just blames them on voters not doing their online registrations properly, and election officials also use their mantra of "no evidence" of fraud, while adding that the DA did not respond in time for the original story. But, in the updated story later, the California DA for Riverside County did respond and stated and confirmed that hackers did indeed change online voting registrations in their part of California.

The same DA added a suspicious qualifier: only Republican registrations were changed. This dubious restriction in scope isn't even modified by a sensible phrase like "it appears limited to..."

Still, this case is nevertheless very notable because it is still developing, election officials rarely if ever admit to problems, and the confirmation of hacking in one county should cause all California counties as well as the CA SOS to look carefully into the now-admitted reality that hackers are in fact altering party registrations, as so many Democratic Voters have alleged not only in California, but in New York and Arizona and other presidential primaries around the nation.
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