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"Qualifications" for President - Everyone is Correct

Constitutionally, every "natural born" citizen over the age of 35 is qualified to be President. The Constitution only recognizes two classes of citizens, natural born and naturalized, so for Constitutional purposes of presidential qualifications, if you're not a naturalized citizen, then you're a born citizen, naturally. Everyone currently running is constitutionally qualified and over 35 years old. And every reader 35 years of age or.older is qualified to be President, constitutionally.

The "qualifications" that Sanders and Clinton currently speak of are different. These qualifications exist in the minds of the voters, which is where the true qualifications for President rely. They can be different for every voter. In fact, as voters we are equal and can enforce qualifications only through our own votes and through nonbinding persuasion.

Some think that being a Senator makes one qualified. Others may think it disqualifies a person if they think every single elected official in DC is no good. They are entitled to that opinion, no matter if wrong.

Many think being a Senator and Secretary of State qualifies a person. Many think only in terms of a resume, but for many others qualifications have political components. And it certainly does, since treason would be disqualifying. The only question is which political stands besides treason make one not qualified.

Obviously there is no final definition of "qualified" -each voter can determine their own. Thus, both Democratic candidates will be qualified in some.people's minds and disqualified in others minds.

Because there is no binding standard or definition for the political qualifications for President, everyone can and will disagree. So it is a perfectly meaningless disagreement. "Qualifications" is just a stand in for whatever one likes or doesn't like about a candidate.

Sanders and Clinton fail to understand that anyone can call them disqualified.
The Founders deliberately left the people free to determine their own qualifications, and the 35 year age requirement was just to discourage dynastic presidencies passed from parent to child.

There is nothing here except the general debate over pluses and minuses of candidates. So at least let us not act like things are getting so bad nobody can take it any more.

I'm a Bernie Donor and i want to help with down ticket races. Suggestions?

I am a donor to the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and also to other Democrats.

In my experience as a donor, the following is crystal clear to me: I do not control Bernie Sanders. It is also true that Bernie Sanders does not control me.

The limited relationship I have with Bernie as a donor consists of free will gifts and electronic thank yous and that works fine for me. I don't require the actual or facsimile signature of the candidate on stationery or any other written evidence of the candidate's thankfulness or obligation to me.

My political donations are not a command and control relationship in either direction. I prefer to discover candidates sort of on my own, as opposed to being directed what to do.

But I am willing to donate to other Democrats, preferably those strong on economic inequality and other Bernie style issues. Please reply and draw my attention to those Dems you think may have merit.

Thank you in advance. I prefer to take my cues from the community here at DU, rather than be told by any politician. I also lean toward general election help, but will consider primary help in appropriate cases.
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