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Wisconsin Election Officials CAN'T ADD: 3.5 Million recount now 3.9 million due to adding error


They buried the lede in this article. Wisconsin officials can not add, and have increased the exorbitant recount fee from $3.5 million to $3.9 million due to their own admitted error in addition. I'll bet they used a calculator and still got it wrong.

The article notes that Clinton has joined the Stein motion and is requesting a statewide hand recount.

Note that the Wisconsin position that each County can choose how they want to recount is an egregious repeat of exactly what the Supreme Court struck down in Bush v Gore and used to terminate the 2000 election during the recount phase in Florida, infamously awarding the state and the presidency to George W. BUSH.

Where is the press on calling this election incompetence out? How can they add up county election returns when they can't add up County financial estimates for recounts?

And calling out the bad faith repeat of Bush v. GORE, which struck down partial recounts as unconstitutional??

Trump Plans to Cash in -.even if his Properties all Burn to the Ground

Recent media has mentioned the difficulty of protecting Trump Tower in NY - one of the most difficult Secret Service tasks ever.

It's not the job of the Secret Service, but how will they protect the twin Trump Towers in Istanbul once Trump ramps up his deportation pogrom and "knocking the hell out of ISIS?"

I would not be wanting to insure Trump holdings worldwide against anything like fire, vandalism or terrorism (the latter is often a policy exclusion for little guys but possibly there would be variation or some negotiation on big dollar investments like Trump properties.)

In town here some business owner facing declining sales is charged with torching the business for insurance fraud purposes. That's arson of course. Very common with distressed properties.

Look for Herr Drumpf to be arsonist in chief, only he will be pissing off far too many jihadists and they will do the work for him, saving Trump the trouble of doing it himself. !]

The main possibilities here seem to be:

1. Trump has good insurance for this risk and cashes in big time, both on insurance and increased sympathy for his Trump brand among some. (Might the US government by any law have to indemnify the President in any way for.personal losses sustained on account of him being President?)

2. The insurers balk, deem themselves insecure, and cancel the policy, leaving Trump Properties uninsured. (Property not mortgaged)

3. The insurers balk, Trump has mortgaged the property and lack of suitable insurance becomes a condition of default and foreclosure if the banks don't believe adequate insurance is.in place or can be obtained.

4. The Trump Bailout Act of 2017 transfers many billions to the coffers of Trump Properties.

There are various other ways this could go, but don't you think that no matter what happens, Trump will reap a windfall?

He now claims to not care, because he's moved on to much bigger things, but nothing is bigger than billions for Trump, and you can bet that having risked as much as he has so far, he is going for much more than being a geopolitical master of the universe!

Please post your ideas on how Trump plans to cash in - no matter what.... I bet he has a plan, I'm just not sure exactly what it is. Ideas?
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