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Why the American People hate Congress (at a glance, via one graphic)

[h3]The American People hate Congress for being out of touch, and the fact that 40% of the House and Senate are from the top 1%, and 80% are from the top 10% in terms of wealth, pretty much is the one fact that comes closest to saying it all. [/h3] Of course, truly saying it all might require a book, or at least several discussion threads here.


See More at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/post/why-people-hate-congress-in-one-chart/2011/12/28/gIQA1IyUMP_blog.html

On Edit: WaPost now states (noticed by B2G below) that this graphic actually represents American wealth as if it represented seats in Congress on a one dollar, one vote basis. Those are not the actual words of the correction but it's my take of the gist of it. As noted by me in the thread below, and as I'm in the process of confirming, an actual graphic showing the wealth of members of US congress would be equally or more dramatic than the one above, in the sense that a lower percentage would be in the blue.lower income category.

The actual WaPo amendment states "This post initially used a chart that included data that we and others misunderstood. It did not reflect the wealth of Congress, but instead the wealth of the country, described according to percentages of seats in Congress. The Fix regrets the error.)"
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