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grahamhgreen's Journal
grahamhgreen's Journal
June 25, 2015

Many TPP'ers argue manufacturing must be outsourced due to costs. Why stop there? Wall Street would

be cheaper to operate in Vietnam. Why not offshore all our jobs?

June 23, 2015

Congress is about to pass a bill they KNOW will cost American jobs. Obama is for this loss of jobs,

as is Hillary.

Yet, all of their rhetoric is about creating jobs.


June 19, 2015

It's Dylan "Storm" Roof. Is that "Storm" as in "Stormfront", the racist white power website?

This website promotes "lone wolf" attacks.

Stormfront wiki: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stormfront_(website)

Stormfront presents itself as engaged in a struggle for unity, identifying culture, speech and free association as its core concerns,[39] though members of Stormfront are especially passionate about racial purity.[47] It promotes a lone wolf mentality, linking to white nationalist theorist Louis Beam's influential work on leaderless resistance and offering a sympathetic assessment of Benjamin Nathaniel Smith, a white supremacist who committed suicide after a racially-motivated killing spree in June 1999
June 16, 2015

Bernie has successfully framed the debate on the 2016 elections.

This election is about income inequality and wealth disparity. It's now about how billionaires and banksters are controlling our government. It's about costly trade agreements that offshore American jobs. Its about Medicare for All. Its about the wealthiest paying their fair share of taxes. Its about less war and more diplomacy. Its about a sales tax for stock transactions. Its about investing in tuition free education for public universities. Its about Black Lives Matter, police brutality, education over prisons, LGBT, Latinos, women's right to choose and pay equity. Its about your family and mine being able to have a middle class life again - livable wages, $15/hr minimum wage, guaranteed sick leave and vacations.

How anyone thinks they can out-Bernie Bernie on these issues is beyond me.

He's won the first battle, and that was a big one.

June 13, 2015

Hillary Sounds Like Bernie at Campaign Launch (link to transcript)


Except she's ight on substance. No specifics. Invocation of FDR.

I noticed she wanted to change the tax code for investors.... That got me a little worried. What does she mean specifically? Lower capital gains?

Says she'll have specifics in a few weeks....

Looks like Bernie's had a strong impact on Hillary already. Can't wait til she endorses him

PS - could not cut and paste on my phone.
June 10, 2015

Why is obama continuing Bush's Iraq war debacle? I voted for him to end that war. He lied.

I'm just completely disgusted.

This war is un-winnable and immoral, in my view.

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