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Maru Kitteh

Maru Kitteh's Journal
Maru Kitteh's Journal
August 24, 2023

Ramaswammy. It finally occurred to me - everything he says sounds like Jim Jones after

he really started doing massive amounts of drugs, and going off the deep end. Remember all those creepy recordings of Jones doing drills, saying it was the end before it really was the end? That's what Vivek sounds like.

His love of slogans. His rambling, his hatred, his inflection. That super-creepy and unbelievably practiced downward pitch at the end of every sentence, designed to be hypnotic. Designed to make you shut down your brain and just accept what he's saying.

No wonder so many of them find him attractive.

It was driving me a bit nuts, trying to figure who he reminded me of. Jim Jones in all his rat-poisoning glory.

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