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Member since: Sat Dec 18, 2004, 11:43 PM
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I'm moving over here from the Cancer group

I've been experiencing anxiety and depression. It's come and gone away twice so far. I can't explain the first time, The second time, it seemed to be caused by a blood pressure med, Amlodipine. I was able to stop it, and I started to feel good almost immediately.
Then, about three weeks later, the feelings returned.

I should mention that I've been through full treatment for breast cancer, and even though I finished full chemo a year ago, I had to continue one chemo drug, Herceptin, for a full year (which ended in August). I'm still experiencing some of chemo's side effects (hair and nails are still crappy).

I made an appointment to see my PCP for next Tuesday. I have some Xanax, and I'm using it, as little as I can, to get me through until we can figure out what else could work for me. I'm trying breathing and what little bits of exercise I can do to help me for now.

Frustrating to feel so down! I'm usually a cheerful person and even through chemo, I never got that depressed. I was planning a trip for later this month, but now I feel so unhappy it just doesn't seem like a good idea.
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