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Member since: Sat Dec 18, 2004, 11:43 PM
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This mastectomy thing is a breeze!

Was that too flippant?

It's just that I read that I would be laid up in bed for weeks. In reality, I have minimal discomfort -- just some soreness under my arm -- and I feel pretty good. I spent one night in the hospital; I even took a walk around the floor before bed. The Hubster brought me a Dunkin' Coolatta when he returned in the evening. I finished my IV fluids, they removed all my monitors, and I felt liberated.
In the morning my surgeon visited, told me it all went well, said I could shower the next day. We went home at 10 AM, and I had a relaxing day. Easy leftover dinner, and a super-silly movie, "Keanu," with Key and Peele. Great night's sleep, just had to be careful when I moved.
Today I shower, send Eric to the market (always good for a laugh), and just relax ( shhh online shopping shhh). We have frozen tortellini to cook tonight with salad and bread. I'll stay home until my follow-up visit Thursday.

Happy to be one step closer to the finish line!

I need advice about staying in the hospital

I have my mastectomy tomorrow. I know I'll be staying at least overnight, so what should I bring? Is it okay or foolish to "sneak in" OTC meds like Neosporin ointment (I need it for my nose, believe it or not)? Will they let me wear my own clothes and slippers?
I've been using prescription meds for digestion (sorry diarrhea sorry), but I assume the drugs they'll be giving me will knock that out.
Any tips would be highly appreciated! And they'd better have Wi-fi!
I haven't gotten the call yet, and I'll ask most of my questions then...I'm just trying to keep busy today, and to be as prepared as I can be.
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