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Member since: Sat Dec 18, 2004, 11:43 PM
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Happy Thanksgiving all!

We're here today and hopefully for a long time.
My taste buds are still somewhat messed up from chemo, and a sore joint or two, I have some irritation from radiation, but I am looking forward to a great feast with my daughters and a friend who's driving across the state to be here. We have put together a feast and I look forward to enjoying with my group.

Radiation is taking its toll on me

I've completed 23 of my 33 treatments, and until now, a couple of Tylenol took care of the discomfort. Today, though, I woke up with terrible pain in just one area -- right under my arm. The Tylenol helped, along with a Lorazepan, but the doctor and technician decided I could use a couple of days off. I also got some hydrocodone, and I'll probably use that tonight.
My treatment was supposed to end with five sessions focused on one area (not where it hurts), but they're going to switch me to that part first, then go back to the other, which will have had a week to recover a little. At least, this is the last "new" kind of treatment...no more surprises, I hope!
My two daughters are coming next week, and now I feel that I'll feel good enough to tidy up in advance, and to actually enjoy the visit. I haven't seen them since the whole cancer thing started, so it will be great to see them. Wonder how they'll like my crew cut!
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