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Gender: Male
Home country: United States
Current location: Shebogygan, Wisconsin
Member since: Thu Dec 16, 2004, 03:35 PM
Number of posts: 20,862

Journal Archives

I'm changing my screen name to CPAC.

These CPAC threads are making my head spin.

Jerry Jones, always a scum bag.

Snip< "While millions of people in Texas are braving blackouts and boil notices, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is getting even richer."

Snip < " To understand the situation in Texas and the scope of Jerry Jones’ greed, we have to take a step back. Texas has its own grid, which means they have a level of energy independence from the rest of the country. They are the only state that has its own grid. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, relies primarily on natural gas, which makes up for 46% of the state’s energy consumption."


"$5,152 Power Bill? Texas winter storm Hell only gets worse."

Snip< “I paid $450 for one day. I was in shock,” Scott-Amos told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. “It made no sense because we have a gas heater, a gas fireplace, and we have been keeping the temperature around the house at 65 degrees. "

Snip< “I don’t have that type of money,” she said. “I now owe Griddy $2,869.11. This is going to put me in debt, this is going to mess up my credit. Are they going to cut me off? In the middle of this ongoing crisis?”


Mexico blames U.S. as energy crisis spills over the border. USA! USA! USA!

Snip < "Mexico reported 4.77 million homes and businesses losing power Monday after imports of natural gas from the U.S. were curbed, knocking power stations offline."

Snip < “What is the lesson in all of this? We must produce,” he said, referring to gas, but also to gasoline and diesel. “We are seeing that we must seek to be self-sufficient.”


Rudy and Dershowitz will end up being Trump's lawyers when witnesses are called.

I bet any money Trump is freaking out on the phone right now with Rudy and Dershowitz.

Email MSNBC, the team of Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd are the worst.

We should have a better team on MSNBC for Impeachment coverage.

[email protected]
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