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Gender: Male
Home country: United States
Current location: Shebogygan, Wisconsin
Member since: Thu Dec 16, 2004, 03:35 PM
Number of posts: 23,749

Journal Archives

Campaign Grifter Plane. Nicole Wallace makes me laugh.

The laughter on this panel is priceless.

"Just tell me when to show up next time, we will see what he is charged with then." LOL

Hillary Clinton was laughing at the end of that interview.

Trump arraigned on Thursday per MSNBC chyron.

"Delta passengers fall ill while stuck on the tarmac for hours during the blistering heat."

Snip < “We apologize for the experience our customers had on flight 555," the airline said in a statement. "Delta teams are looking into the circumstances that led to uncomfortable temperatures inside the cabin and we appreciate the efforts of our people and first responders at Harry Reid International.”

Snip < "Krista Garvin, a field producer for Fox News, said she was on the flight when the incident unfolded, calling it an "INSANE experience." She said a number of passengers passed out due to the heat.


"Witness 5 removed approximately 64 boxes from the Storage Room area between May 24 and June 1."

"2022, but only returned 25-30 boxes to the Storage room area on June 2, 2022."

Nauta is witness #5, and Witness #5 is going to jail.

Trump's lawyers know the Georgia indictment is coming. Trump "truth" Social post 6-30

Snip< “I made a PERFECTLY LEGAL PHONE CALL, AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, ABOUT AN ELECTION THAT I STRONGLY FEEL WAS RIGGED AND STOLLEN,” Mr Trump wrote. “NONE of the MANY LAWYERS on the call minded my words, or even hinted at wrongdoing.”

Snip< "You’re not going to be shocked. It’s not rocket science,” Emily Kohrs told the New York Times in January, when the grand jury concluded its work. “You won’t be too surprised.”


Can we get some cokes.......

Merck says it's being coerced into negotiating it's drug prices with Medicare. LOL

Translation: Corporation upset Medicare is eating it to their profits.

Snip< Lawsuit filed June 9th by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
Merck doesn't have the right to sell it's drugs at the price Merck would prefer.


"They included information about the military and nuclear capabilities of foreign countries."

The Saudis paid Jared 2 billion for nuclear information on Iran.
What else is worth 2 billion dollars?

Democratic Senators who voted no on the Debt Ceiling vote last night.






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