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Name: WhoisSkinnerMarriedTo
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DU 2 to should be introduced and married to DU 3. They should produce offspring who represent the best of both parents.

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Could a special prosecutor be appointed…?

… and ask for a brand new grand jury?

Sorry if someone already asked this.

Can anybody tell me what I might do with pistachios this year?

Besides the main dishes, I like to do things with nuts, or relishes. Well, my Italian green tomato relish is in the works already, but I'd like to do something with pistachios.

Any ideas out there?

Found this article of interest in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette...

Study on Pittsburgh area elders points to happiness paradox among races

I have an opportunity to discuss this subject within my small work group at work and wondered what you think. Discussion?


Parade "Magazine" RAG Sunday Supplement Glorifies War Criminals!

I hesitate to dignify any of the so called magazine's vile content by cut / paste, however, today's feature of Parade (which used to be a decent Sunday supplement to most newspapers) was right over the damn edge. The MSM demonstrates how we should glorify these criminals by accounting tender moments with them? Everyone should develop amnesia by now? Here's one more reason to say, "awww"? I wanted to hurl coffee through my nose.

Anyone who saw or read this fish wrap knows that the Parade has become a very downsized few pages of increasingly petty content, and today, it has been topped with The their latest sycophantic piece with the Bush Crime Family. It features Pappy and George W's profile on the front cover. Inside is junior and mom's gazing photo and an hug photo after Pappy glorified the U.S. sky by jumping again… Babs in her walker and sonny boy in his presence spills an ignorant account of how HW Bush's parachute jump at age 90 is nothing more than what he wanted …dear old dad drifting from the sky.

This is a repeat stunt to maneuver him down after having performed it on his 85th birthday. Pappy, being "the man of his word", said he'd do it again, and we should care that he followed through his promise to do it at age 90. (I wonder how much we still pay for this?)

The cost of seeing these criminals talk about themselves or feature art is too costly already. Now this. Never mind about what they did to perpetuate wars of aggression or tearing about Iraq after murdering a million natives, nor what they did to anyone who served in our armed services.

The Bush's, including 90 year old Pappy should be living their days out after war criminal sentencing in the Hague.

These people disgust me, and the Parade magazine isn't fit to wad up and burn for firewood.

BREAKING: Trade pacts more likely with GOP majority

Ref: Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Tracie Mauriello, Washington Bureau

"What we are seeing is momentum building around a Trans-Pacific Partnership that can spur greater economic growth, spur greater jobs growth and set high standards for trade investment throughout the Asia Pacific", Mr. Obama said Sunday...

What I think people forget is how "level" the playing field is going to be on the labor movement. Remember these secret agreements for the TPP partnership, folks? With Mr. Reid out of the way, it puts trade-friendly Mitch McConnell in charge.

Yes… if you thought this China party is helping us, please read again. For any who need a friendly reminder, the TPP secret can now be told…. it takes all sovereignty away from nations and puts them in the hands of corporations, for crying out loud.

More here: http://www.post-gazette.com/news/nation/2014/11/12/U-S-trade-pacts-more-likely-with-GOP-majority/stories/201411120066
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