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Posted by MrMickeysMom | Tue Oct 1, 2013, 12:10 AM (0 replies)

Sequester THIS, smoking man... Capture, anyone?

CE-399... The Magic Bullet...

This video shows problems with verifiable chain of evidence, therefore, "solid proof" is problematic... evidentiary problems.... How many times was this bullet handled carried back to Washington?

Gary Shaw interview, Black Op Radio "Conspiracy of Silence"


Play Gary Shaw (1:17:15) Real Media or MP3 download

Gary is a retired architect, lived near Dallas, and had met Jack Ruby
At first, the Warren Report satisfied Gary
Rush to Judgement, (Lane 1966) began Gary's quest to see who killed our President
Penn Jones, the Commission, "forgot to underline where they lied to us"
Eye witness accounts of activity in Dealey Plaza, in front of the President
There's no doubt of a consipiracy and multiple shooters
A film confiscated in Dealey fron the "Babushka Lady", Beverly Oliver
Gary met Beverly in church, Richard Sprague had written about the Babushka Lady
The cover-up was rather simple, we trusted our agencies and news media
Cover-Up (Shaw/Harris 1976)
Our government had the ability to conceal the truth, suspicion of guilt
The rifle was taken to the morgue to get a good palm print on it
They chose to publicly execute him, to send a message
Co-author Larry Ray Harris, worked hard on the Tippit murder
Conspiracy of Silence (Shaw/Crenshaw 1992)
People were fearful, research was difficult
The JFK Assassination Information Center in Dallas
Bud Fensterwald put his money where his mouth was
It was hard to compete with the Sixth Floor Museum
The SFM seeks to control what happens in Dealey Plaza
Dallas' plans are an indictment of the city fathers
Chigaco Tribune, Who needs facts when you have conspiracy theorists?
Trauma Room One (Crenshaw 2001), coming out soon as JFK Has Been Shot
The Journal of the American Medical Association reaction
The HSCA lied, saying that 26 witnesses verified autopsy photographs
Karen Bennett, Little Lynn, a stripper for Jack Ruby
Ruby and the Western Union alibi, Little Lynn was scared out of her wits
Bugliosi, a win at all cost prosecutor
The proof lies in the autopsy evidence, what they did and didn't do
Continue studying the archival material
The truth has never been told, and it's important that it is told

The commissioners were seldom there...

An exposure of the Warren Commission as a criminally selective as to how it gathered testimony...

More here:

Look... I'm no economist, but...

When there are no jobs to support anyone's paying off municipal bond issues, and the casino game goes on, with new bubbles developing (student loan) and extended debt, it's easy to predict something blowing up... this time with feeling!

Nervous? I guess persons like me aren't because we aren't rich or knee deep in financial markets. I'm just another Josephine Schmoh. I should cut the soles off my shoes, live in a tree and learn to play the flute!

"There was no doubt in my mind where the shot came from..."

If you've little time for this excellent film of Mark Lane's based on his book, "Rush to Judgement"... Go to time mark 30:15 and keep listening

On edit: Funny that within many of the 188 pages after these guys were available for interview, were they ever interviewed by the Warren Commission. In fact, the wooden fence was omitted by the WC, even after being interviewed by the Dallas police and FBI.

Never called by the Warren Commission... Never mentioned that they would have been considered, after having such a fine view of the crime.

Yes, this can be seen as a crude ad about pooping, but, it's hilariously well done!

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