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Name: WhoisSkinnerMarriedTo
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DU 2 to should be introduced and married to DU 3. They should produce offspring who represent the best of both parents.

Journal Archives

This is the almost full series, examining the Warren Commission's Report...

"50 Reasons for 50 Years"… why the Warren Report got it wrong.


50 Reasons for 50 Years… Episode #49

I'd cross post this, but I think not. You'll see some GD discussion going on about this today (Nov 19th).

This episode shows how the due process to acquire suppressed information among Washing, DC journalists led to a Washington Post journalist to author his own book.

Journalist Jefferson Morely took interest as he realized that the release of some new records could tell us something more about this moment. Here's his journey as he worked with academic historians and the JFK Review Board. Here's his approach to find empirical records of what the CIA knew about the assassination. There were CIA cables about Oswald dated BEFORE the assassination. Much was not known to the Warren Commission, including the actions of operational officers with the CIA. Anyone seeking to protect the Agency's interest was of interest to the HSCA. There are at least 295 records that STILL cannot be released for reasons of "national security".


Episode #25, The Head Wound...

The witnesses to the actual head wound are over 80. House Select Committee's findings are discussed.

Episode 48… For those who ponder the physical evidence and cover up post-mortem JFK...

Then please examine what is presented here. This is the best of the series yet.

Air force One Getaway, 50 Reasons for 50 Years, Episode 47

Black Op Radio's feature that discusses the black box on AF1 during the Kennedy assassination, missing time, transcripts and research on how examining the full spectrum of the tapes would shed more light on November 22nd…

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