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DU 2 to should be introduced and married to DU 3. They should produce offspring who represent the best of both parents.

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Political Truth, The Media and the Assassination, 50 Reasons for 50 Years, Episode 46

The distinguishing thing about the paranoid style is not that its exponents see conspiracies or plots here and there in history, but that they regard a "vast" or "gigantic" conspiracy as the motive force in historical events. History IS a conspiracy...
Richard Hofstadter, The Paranoid Style in American Politics

Ever wonder why there is counter to trying to find evidence all these years? This does a good job of explaining why...

Oliver Stone's JFK, 50 Reasons for 50 Years, Episode 45

Oliver Stone's JFK is objectively discussed here. The debunkers of network television seem to miss actual WC testimony when they try to point out what was inaccurately portrayed in "JFK". Aside from some poetic license, which this movie already claimed existed, were the fact that Garrison's based his trial over the Kennedy assassination.

It is clear that the debunkers tried their best, but ignoring actual House Select Committee on Assassination evidence was no way to try to debunk this film.

Black Op Radio again does a fantastic job with this episode...


The House Select Committee's own investigator, Dan Hardway's investigation to the CIA...

This has got to be the BEST video yet of the series, "50 Reasons for 50 Years", Episode #44...

This is where former Senate investigator, Dan Hardway, talks about the CIA's best efforts to use everything and the best disinformation person it could to thwart an investigation call for by the people's need to find the truth behind what happened 50 years ago.

It was already revealed that the CIA had ties to OTHER assassination and assassination attempts. So, when the CIA brought out their best disinformation person of retirement to keep this investigation from going forward, Dan Hardway was convinced if it's disinformation operation over the JFK assassination.

The House Select Committee tasked this investigation regarding intelligence links to Lee Harvey Oswald. The public had ALREADY LOST FAITH in the Warren Commission's Report.


The Garrison Case...

The deeper explanation of the reason why Jim Garrison, DA of Orleans Parrish until 1974, was probably the best the Parrish had in the last 60 years. Garrison was finding out exactly who Lee Harvey Oswald was Oswald's relationship with David Ferry and Guy Banister.

Garrison warned us about the CIA... While he was on the trail of the assassins...


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