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DU 2 to should be introduced and married to DU 3. They should produce offspring who represent the best of both parents.

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It's a distraction from a BIGGER ISSUE when we get caught up in this Ann Romney bullshit.

Please... and I'm not the first to say this.. my comment has also been posted in response to this Ann Romney crap where people find themselves caught up in a new argument about stay at home moms, or how she chose this/that...


What we should be pointing to in particular are how all the fringe groups would-be Romney voters feel about women. They have nothing but distain and an agenda to savaging feminists and women in general. Just look at the internet and follow what the Southern Poverty Law Center is (as part of the ongoing track on hate groups in general) have to say about the war on women.

Listen to some of these group's organizational names:

Boycott American Women
The Counter Feminist (boycottamericanwomen.blogspot.com)
The False Rape Society (falserapesociety.blogspot.com)
In Mala Fide (www.inmalafide.com)
MarkyMark's Thoughts (markymarksthoughts.blogspot.com)

I'm also gonna post a website that makes fun of the so-called "manosphere" (http://manboobz.com/)

Meanwhile, the Rom-bots get in the news with something that isn't even news. I mean, come on... how long have we understood that the well-off, rich, and very rich can claim to "choose" to be stay-at-home moms, thus THINKING they can level the playing field on what is fair among the 99% of us?

Let's get to the real issue and not be distracted by the one's the Rom-bots want us to talk up.

I HATE saying this about OLBERMANN after Letterman, but I'm gonna...

I couldn't have been more disappointed when Keith Olberman left Current TV because I was so elate when he moved there. This was only enhanced when The Young Turks and the War Room joined the line up.

I loved Olbermann for what he did for politics and his dedication to the monstrous Bush administration and Occupy Wall Street. Also, for those he helped along (Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show, Cenk Ugar's "TYT", Gov. Jennifer Granholm's "The War Room". If anyone helped bring progressive news into the cable mainstream (Current is main enough for me, anyway), it was him. Disclaimer: exception to a Current TV show would be "Viewpoint" with Eliot Spitzer, which is bland and has way too many conservatives for what reason, I can't figure.

So then, why I'm pissed... the other night Keith describes Current TV with a feigned embarrassment to David Letterman. They laugh... Keith gets in an apology for make the wrong choice. He says, "I messed up" I am not sure what he was going for, but I lost a lot of respect from that. Keith did so much for the Occupy Wall Street movement on Current TV. And now, because Current isn't the thing it could be, he left. Everything he featured lost a rightful place because he left for reasons I can't respect. Now, I have fucking Viewpoint with a growing list of ho-hum centrists featured with a boring host.

There's no fire at the center of what wasn't a great beginning network, but certainly NOTHING that is as bad as was explained to David Letterman. Meanwhile, a bloated, and strange person fades away. So much for the Occupy Wall Street movement and the momentum KO would have given so many, many things, had might have worked out after some pains in the ass. Big deal... Many people have to work under poor conditions, but they PRESS ON, because it's important, this thing that they do.

If what Olbermann said was true - that Current doesn't pay its bills, they probably couldn't keep the lights on his show's backdrop, the teleprompters didn't operate most of the time, people were fired who never should have been, and he wasn't sure why Current couldn't have paid for the travel Olbermann had to and from the shows (apparently in his contract), then I say... insist that it's fixed up, don't do what you did. Too late. He did it, and whatever sympathy I have, has faded.

Shouldn't this mean that TYT and The War Room are ALSO poorly produced and carried off? Well, they aren't. They are damned good.

I'm not sure, when so many things are hanging in the balance, why Olbermann is bigger than the movement. Truth is, he ISN'T.
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