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Name: WhoisSkinnerMarriedTo
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Member since: Tue Dec 14, 2004, 07:30 PM
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DU 2 to should be introduced and married to DU 3. They should produce offspring who represent the best of both parents.

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I owe an apology to this group

I didn't stop to think for one minute Friday night to fall in with my Ann Coulter-centered hate to remark (and later get hid by a jury, my post). I fell into what I easily accuse others of doing - a snark of transgender for comedy. It clearly is not, and I'm glad someone pointed it out by jury. I needed to have it pointed out.

I'm sorry for being such an asshole and narrow about this. if I wish to compare AC to anything, then it should be something disgusting, not something trans gender.



I feel the need to blow a whistle after seeing all the concern for polls, in particular Gallup...

It's a private, and more conservative, I would imagine, therefore, heavily influenced POLL.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't be vigilant... That doesn't mean we shouldn't get out the vote.

But, we should not fall into the fear of being led by polls, which is likely to be a strategy of the FAILED REPUBLICAN CORPORATE AGENDA.

Eh, that's what I think, anyway...

Go Tigers! (from transplanted state)

A hearty congratulations and by the way..... Buh-Bye, Yankees... Go buy some more players!

I'm making my green tomato relish again...

My neighbor shared this Italian version, which I am making this year, due to all of my garden's left over green tomatoes. Tell me if you've never tried it, and I'll tell you TO try it!

Steps to the recipe:

~ 4 - 5 cups of finely sliced medium to small green tomatoes put into a non-metal colander, sitting atop a larger, non metal bowl to drain into.

Spread pickling salt over them, mixing to leave them thickly coated.

Press a heavy weight over a dish that covers this and give it 18 hours

Squeeze the bejesus out of it, draining fluid, place the tomatoes back in the large bowl and pour Balsamic vinegar over to cover.

Give it another 18 hours, then remove the tomatoes, squeeze them again, discard vinegar, and return to bowl.

Add LOTS of dried Oregano. Get some Ball jars out, Canola Oil and Olive Oil.

Meanwhile, peel and slice thick pieces of fresh garlic.

Now, place tomatoes into the jars, adding slices of garlic and fill MOSTLY with Canola Oil, but some Olive oil.

Tap out any bubbles and refrigerate. These are really ready to eat, add to an antipasto, or (I love) to spread over fresh Italian bread.

(I'm in the first phase of this, so I'll try to include a picture, but tell me if you've tried this ever and give me your opinion. My husband is not so hot for this treat, so I'll give it away as a gift to my garden partners (we raised 550 pounds of produce this year for local food pantries). It's a nice way to say, "thank you" to anyone (who loves this stuff, that is...)


Tribute thread to the unpublished memoirs ....

Or, may you not rest in peace over your single bullet theory, Arlen Specter.


The next presidency will determine the SCOTUS... and thus... Roe -v- Wade!
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