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Gender: Female
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Member since: Mon Dec 13, 2004, 02:55 AM
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Seattle transit alert re: March for Our Lives

I get transit alerts from Metro King County. Just received this one. Bodes well for attendance at the March today in Seattle.

Some transit service serving downtown Seattle is experiencing significant overloads due to today's March for Our Lives event.

If a bus can no longer safely board intending passengers, the coach may have to pass bus stops. Please wait for the next available bus.

We apologize for any inconvenience and we appreciate your patience.

Cambridge Analytica: search of London HQ delayed by wait for warrant


The information commissioner will have to wait until at least Friday to enter the offices of Cambridge Analytica after a high court judge adjourned the hearing into her application for a warrant.

The commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, announced on Monday that she planned to request an urgent warrant to enter the company’s London offices, after it was revealed that it had been given information from 50m Facebook profiles without users’ permission.


He also repeated previous responses by the government that there were no current contracts between government and the Cambridge Analytica group.

At present the information commissioner’s powers only extend to companies, which means that former employees of Cambridge Analytica can avoid answering questions if they have quit a company under investigation for privacy breaches.

Well, this is quite dodgy all the way around.

First, the delay from Tuesday to Friday gives CA a big window to purge data. It looks like they may be doing that given the crates of documents removed from the building. Who knows what is happening to the computer data.

Then note the qualifier “current” about government contracts. There has already been at least one report of part of the CA group having had a government contract. I wonder how many they and their group had previously.

Nix has left the company and already formed a new one. So does the paragraph about not having the power to question former employers mean he is off the hook?

MoD granted 'List X' status to Cambridge Analytica parent company


The chair of the Commons home affairs committee has called for a full investigation into the activities of Cambridge Analytica after it emerged that its parent company was granted provisional “List X” status by the Ministry of Defence until 2013, granting it access to secret documents.
According to an assessment of the method by the Cdr Steve Tatham of the Royal Navy in 2015, it allows governments to “diagnose the exact groupings that exist within target populations”, leading to a ranking that “depends upon the degree of influence they may have in either promoting or mitigating constructive behaviour”.

It then uses “psycho-social research parameters” in order to “determine how best to change that group’s behaviour”.

So Cambridge Analytica learned this controversial research approach from military propoganda operation they were paid to take part in and then applied it to regime and policy changes in UK, US, Kenya, Brazil and who knows how many other countries.

I wonder also if they made use of the data from this and possibly other contracts in pushing Brexit.

Crates of documents removed from the same building as Cambridge Analytica's HQ.


The UK’s information commissioner has announced her intention to investigate CA, but on Tuesday she was still awaiting a warrant to enter its central London offices. A Huffington Post reporter said he had seen around 10 crates of documents being removed from the building, which is shared with other tenants.

George Bowden

Crates filled with documents have been seen being removed from the same building as Cambridge Analytica's HQ. Their provenance cannot be verified. A delivery person did not answer questions, while a van driver said: "No comment". pic.twitter.com/mBPEYZxmQw
5:12 AM - Mar 20, 2018
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