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Putin meets with Le Pen in attempt to influence French election.


The meeting also shows that the Kremlin is not shying away from actions that could influence foreign elections, even after the storm over U.S. intelligence agencies' allegations that Russia tried to interfere in the U.S. presidential election to help Donald Trump win the White House.

Russia has denied trying to influence the U.S. vote, and has also dismissed allegations that Kremlin-funded media outlets are spreading "fake news" in an attempt to interfere in the French presidential race.

Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokesman, told reporters on a conference call that Putin and Le Pen had not discussed the possibility of Russia offering any financial help to her political party.

Her party took a 9-million-euro loan from a Moscow-based bank in 2014, and is actively seeking new sources of funding.

Hmm, I didn't know about that loan. I wonder how long and in what ways Putin has been helping her and her party. Going back for some time, it looks like.

Trump's endless campaign. $$$ for him and his, untold cost to us.

It's clear that Trump prioritizes making money for himself and his cronies. And he'll continue spending unprecedented tax payer dollars in travel to and from his privately owned properties to do this, combining paid access to him and his appointees with fund raising for his now never ending campaign.

Vanity Fair has a good article about Trump continuing this cash cow campaign.

A month after he won the election, Trump’s committees continued to spend as if he’s still campaigning, too. According to a Politico analysis of documents filed with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday night, Trump’s three committees collected $11 million in December, ending 2016 with $16 million in the bank. In total, the campaign spent $32 million in December in order to build its database, collect data, and pay for branding and key staff members. The committees, for example, laid out $728,000 on hats, likely for his “Make America Great Again” baseball caps, and another $2.4 million on mugs, stickers, T-shirts, and banners, Politico reports. They paid another $511,000 to Giles-Parscale, the Texas-based digital and online advertising operation run by Brad Parscale, who has been credited with propelling the campaign on a path to victory, bringing the total amount he has collected from Trumplandia to $88 million.

In addition to funneling money to his buddies, he continues directing money to his businesses. He has increased the membership cost to Mar a Lago to $200,000. In addition, he does pop-ins there to charity events, providing access to himself and his appointees, access by wealthy donors, many of whom likely want policy decisions to go their way.

An example from February:

John P. Cook, Governor Charlie Baker’s campaign finance wizard, created a lot of chatter within Massachusetts GOP circles when he was seen close to President Trump at a Mar-a-Lago charity fund-raising event last weekend.

Baker, a Republican, refused to endorse Trump in last year’s election. But his chief money-man was caught on camera just a couple feet from him, according to a photo snapped by the Palm Beach Daily News.
Cook, who is a financial adviser at UBS Financial Services in Boston, was apparently as surprised as anyone when the President took a seat next to him. But his explanation for their impromptu meeting helps solve the mystery as to why Trump was showing up to an event to raise money for Boston’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Surprised? Yeah, right.

Then this weekend, he went into overdrive.


Guests caught glimpses of Trump meeting with members of his team, including Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and Gen. John Kelly, head of the Department of Homeland Security.

According to press reports, they had converged on the ocean-to-lake compound, which Trump calls his “southern White House,” to hash out the fallout from continued revelations about Trump campaign officials meeting with Russian officials, including Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.


President Donald Trump is expected to head to Florida next weekend to address the Republican Party's top donors, according to several people familiar with the plans.

The party's biggest donors are gathering in Palm Beach for a retreat organized by the Republican National Committee, and the president has been announced as the featured speaker, according to people with knowledge of the plans. A number of senior administration officials will also attend the retreat, the people familiar with the planning said, a key draw for the donors.

Money and access are why he goes to his private properties instead of to Camp David. His transportation there is paid by us. He rakes in membership fees, event costs, lunch and dinner money and directed contributions to his unending campaign. And who knows what agreements start brewing during his many 'unofficial' meetings there.

Colbert's critique of Trump's speech


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