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Xavier Becerra

Building schools vs building walls.

Very powerful!

Franken & Silverman introducing Paul Simon. Take that, Chachi!

Colbert rocks the 2nd night of the RNC

He's on a roll!


Melania lies about writing speech, Donald lied about writing "Art of the Deal"

Do we we see a pattern here?

“The Art of the Deal” made America see Trump as a charmer with an unfailing knack for business. Tony Schwartz helped create that myth—and regrets it.


Donald J. Trump has regularly boasted about “The Art of the Deal,” his best-selling autobiography, as a business bible that demonstrates the sharp negotiating prowess he would bring to the presidency. The book, released in 1987, details his rise to the top of New York’s real estate world; it helped spawn his career as a reality television star and cemented his image as a winner with a golden touch.

But Tony Schwartz, the book’s ghostwriter, who spent 18 months in the 1980s interviewing and shadowing Mr. Trump, says that it is really a work of fiction.

In an interview with The New Yorker magazine for its July 25 issue, Mr. Schwartz explained publicly, and for the first time, what he learned from living in Mr. Trump’s world. Here are some highlights.

The Art of Regret
Mr. Schwartz, a former magazine writer who said he worked on the book because he needed the money, told the writer Jane Mayer that he painted Mr. Trump in the most positive light that he could, thinking that a sympathetic character would be better for the book’s sales than a story about a cruel tycoon. If he could do it over again, however, Mr. Schwartz said the book would be titled “The Sociopath.”

Code Pink in the house!

Tonight's Colbert show with Jon Stewart should be EPIC!

Just sayin'.

Strong similarities to attack on Dallas police one year ago

I was reading an article about the ramifications of the use of a robot to kill the suspect in yesterday's shootings and saw this sentence:


Similar robots were used in the DPD’s showdown with a gunman who assaulted the department’s headquarters with guns and bombs almost exactly a year ago.

The link embedded in the above sentence led to this article from last year.

Saturday 13 June 2015 20.36 BST Last modified on Saturday 13 June 2015 23.07 BST


Dallas police attack: gunman confirmed dead hours after opening fire on HQ
Suspect who launched early-morning attack, which included planting bombs, was shot by police sniper after fleeing in armoured van

Dallas police on Saturday confirmed the death of a man suspected of launching an armed assault on the city’s police headquarters and leading officers on a chase that ended with an hours-long standoff in a suburban fast food restaurant’s parking lot.

The headquarters building was riddled by bullets in the attack, which happened at around 12.30am local time on Saturday morning. Police said they discovered multiple suspicious packages planted at the scene, one containing pipe bombs that detonated after being picked up by an anti-explosives robot, causing damage to cars.


Later on Saturday police said the vehicle was on fire, and ammunition rounds were going off inside it. Police said in a Twitter post that the fire started when they used robots to clear the van of weapons, including pipe bombs.

Initial reports suggested there were as many as four suspects but officials said they now believed that a lone suspect took shots from multiple locations. Brown declined to confirm the suspect’s identity.

Some of the points stand out as similar:

- Yesterday's attack occurred almost one year after the previous one

- The combination of guns and bombs. We don't yet know if bombs were planted in Dallas, but after last year the threat of that is notable. There is more info in last year's article about the bombs that were discovered last year.

- There were initially four suspects last year as well.

I'm not sure what to make of this yet. But it seems too similar to be coincidental.

One difference is the attacker last year was white.

I don't have cable, so I don't know if cable news is discussing the attack from last year and drawing comparisons yet. I think it does bear examining.

One civilian injured while shielding her children


At least one civilian was injured. She was identified by family as Shetamia Taylor, and she was shot while shielding her children from the gunfire, her sister told NBC 5. Taylor's condition is not known.

Jeremy Corbyn - Response to the Chilcot Inquiry report


On the eve of the Chilcot Report, a song and picture thread

On Wednesday, the massive Chilcot Report is finally going to be released.

To commemorate it, the lies that pushed us into the Iraq war and the many lifes lost, I though I would post a song and picture thread as a passionate reminder of the wrong done.

Please feel free to add any song that speaks to you about this.

Here to start, Jacob's Ladder (Not in My Name version)



PICTURES - Mar 19 Anti War Demo

Edited to add picture
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