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What about the extended family exposed to Ebola in Dallas?

Younger Jallah and her children were also exposed to Ebola at her motherís apartment.

But from what I can see, they were not included in the move to quarantine and are instead isolated in their apartment with few resources.

This, after her knowledgeable and conscientious actions led to Duncanís second visit to the hospital and subsequent diagnosis and admission. Without her actions, this all could have been much worse.

Now she is wondering how she and her husband will provide food and pay rent.

How many people could get through a 21 day unplanned period away from work with no reassurances as to food or rent being taken care of?

These questions and conditions need addressing before more problems occur and seem similar to me to the cleaning and disposal issues, in that we are still unprepared for basic logistics of helping people and keeping this contained.

Good synopsis from Dallas News of report from WAPO about initial situation:

Trohís daughter Youngor Jallah and her family, who also live in the apartment complex, have also been ordered by county officials to remain behind closed doors until the danger has passed.
Jallah told The Washington Post Thursday she suspected Duncan had Ebola after Texas Health Presbyterian missed warning signs and sent him home last week.
She made Duncan return to the hospital despite his protests on Sunday, she said, and warned paramedics to protect themselves around him.
Jallah even tried to disinfect the apartment where Duncan stayed, she told The Post, long before a hazmat team arrived to finish the job.

Link to the detailed WAPO article referenced above. MAny more details there:

LA Times article from Oct 3rd detailing current situation. Much more info at link:

Jallah and her family have not been ordered to stay indoors, but because Jallah was with Duncan as his illness became critical, she has placed her family under voluntary confinement, hoping to avoid infecting neighbors or schoolmates.
"We don't have no diapers, and we're running out of food," Jallah, 35, said as her children fretted and whirled around the apartment.

Jallah and her husband, Aaron Yah, 43, have been told to stay home from their jobs at nursing homes. Yah said a supervisor told him, "The county already called and said you're not allowed to go to work."
The couple decided they would keep the family inside until the time period for risk of developing Ebola symptoms passed: 21 days. They're doing so out of caution ó and because they're not sure what health officials want them to do. They now worry how they'll make ends meet.

"US hospitals 'unprepared' to safely handle infectious Ebola waste"

US hospitals may be unprepared to safely dispose of the infectious waste generated by any Ebola virus disease patient to arrive unannounced in the country, potentially putting the wider community at risk, biosafety experts said.

Waste management companies are refusing to haul away the soiled sheets and virus-spattered protective gear associated with treating the disease, citing federal guidelines that require Ebola-related waste to be handled in special packaging by people with hazardous materials training, infectious disease and biosafety experts told Reuters.


ďAt its peak, we were up to 40 bags a day of medical waste, which took a huge tax on our waste management system,Ē Emoryís Dr Aneesh Mehta told colleagues at a medical meeting earlier this month.

Emory sent staff to Home Depot to buy as many 32-gallon rubber waste containers with lids that they could get their hands on. Emory kept the waste in a special containment area for six days until its Atlanta neighbor, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, helped broker an agreement with Stericycle.

Note: this report is from a week ago, so very recent but before the person in Dallas was diagnosed.

Home Depot run for hazardous waste containment gear?

I hope this issue gets addressed quickly as a known nationwide policy because it will be an important component of control here.

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