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Mister Ed

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Member since: Thu Dec 9, 2004, 12:05 AM
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I wonder If Trump might be going a bridge too far with his cult followers.

Can Trump get his cult members to pivot from fearing for their lives to willingly sacrificing their lives?

In an ongoing effort to propagandize and brainwash the public, Trump & company have very successfully exploited people's natural fear of death. Mortal fear is the most powerful tool in the toolbox of the propagandist, because there is no stronger human emotion than the survival instinct. If the propagandist can arouse the fear of death in his listeners, and then convince them that only he can protect them, then he will have them under his control.

In recent years, Trump has painted a lurid picture of the threat of hordes of "diseased Mexican rapists and murderers" swarming across the border. In his 2016 GOP nomination acceptance speech, he portrayed America as a terrifying hellscape of threats from all directions, repeating over and over again, "Only I can fix this." In his inaugural address, he spoke of the "American carnage" that he would soon halt. His message, again and again, has clearly been designed to arouse and exploit the fear of death.

Now that the American people are faced with the all-too-real and imminent threat to their lives presented by the Corona virus, Trump is suddenly and desperately seeking to tamp down the fear of death among his supporters. He downplayed the virus threat for months, until he could conceal it no longer. Now, in an effort to temporarily boost the economy and preserve his image, he proposes that the workforce should return to the workplace en masse in another week or so, creating a likelihood that millions may eventually die as a result.

Has he gone a bridge too far? Will the supporters in whom he has cultivated the fear of death revolt against him? Or is their devotion to their cult leader now so complete that they will gladly march to their death for him? That has certainly happened many times before in human history.

Perhaps those with a much greater knowledge of psychology than I possess can offer their thoughts. Otherwise, as Trump is fond of saying, "We'll see what happens".

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