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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
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Oh for the love of dog. Eric Trump's tweet on Dec. 31 2019.



BTW Trump kicked off the latest round of this insanity after meeting with Russian Foreign
Minister Alexander Lavrov in the White House and then taking a call from Putin 1 week later
after which he bombed a pro Iranian faction in Iraq.

I might be wrong but this conflict w/Iran just doesn't pass my smell test

Trump orders a bombing attack on a faction inside of Iraq that is loyal to Iran after
he has a phone call with Vlad Putin.

That pro Iranian faction retaliates by having riots outside of the US embassy in Baghdad.
Is our embassy still inside "the green zone" in Baghdad and if so how did the rioters get that
close to the embassy?

And now Trump orders the killing of 2 Iranian leaders that were in Baghdad further escalating
the conflict.

I smell Gulf of Tonkin and Iraq had WMDs so we have to attack them after 9/11 all over this shit.

This is madness.

How long after Trump spoke with Putin did he ...

.... order the air strikes in Iraq on the supposedly Iranian aligned Iraqi faction? And how did the attack benefit Putin?
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