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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
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A meme is born / Pence touching stuff



NY Times: As E.U. and Japan Strengthen Trade Ties, U.S. Risks Losing Its Voice

Way to go Mr. Art of the Deal, Donny.


LONDON In the master plan advanced by President Trump, an unabashedly aggressive United States is supposed to reclaim its rightful perch as the center of the commercial universe, wielding its economic dominance to dictate the rules of global trade.


Major economies show no inclination to accept American designs on trade an attitude on display on Thursday as the European Union and Japan agreed to the broad outlines of a free trade deal before a summit meeting of world leaders. If completed, the deal would further the exchange of goods and services between their two markets while, in relative terms, diminishing opportunities for American companies.

These two trading powers, both bedrock American allies, are effectively proceeding with plans to bolster globalization just as the United States is turning to protectionism. Large areas of the global economy are now on divergent paths, creating more uncertainty for multinational companies.


In taking this approach, the United States risks having less of a voice in the global trade discussion as other economies take their own paths.

Holy shit! Trump can't find his limo that was parked at the bottom of the stair's form A.F. #1

Just spit balling but what can we do to put Hillary into her rightful place that is the White House?

It is becoming more and more clear that the election was dirty and that Trump is not
a legitimate President so can we stop playing nice and hit the streets in a massive #s if
it is proven that Trump, the Republicans, and the Russians worked to rig the election?

I know there is no Constitutional mechanism for such a move but things have changed
and the will of the American people should be followed. Let's start on the 4th this year
to make it a "real day of liberty and freedom."

This was an act of war by a hostile foreign power.

It was a coup.

And we had treason. Mitch and Paul Ryan i'm looking @ you.
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