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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 61,461

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What happened to both Weather Underground and now the Weather Channel (weather.com)?

They no longer display the needed information and their radar sites take forever to load too.

Any other good weather sites out there?

Did you really think it would get this bad?

> 100,000 dead and 1.7 million cases of C-19

A trade war with China that has put thousands of farmers out of business or having to plow their crops
into the ground

Disruption of the food supply chain

40+ million unemployed

Police and the military beating, gassing, and arresting American citizens

An A.G. (Bill Barr) and the DoJ, the Congressional Republicans, and the media giving Trump and company
cover for their crimes

When told of a coming pandemic in Nov. 2019 Trump and Kushner instead of getting us ready choose to find ways
to make money from the disease

Trump still having almost weekly conversations with Vlad Putin who installed him into power

Trump actively promoting racist right wing thugs to intimidate legally elected government officials

The invasion of an Episcopal Church's grounds after gassing and the beating of innocent people for a photo op.

Trump impeached and then the Senate Republicans refused to see the evidence or hear any testimony and gave
Trump a pass on his crimes and treason.

Who are these people? And when did Bill Barr get a private army?


Trespassing: St. John's Bishop says Trump was on church property 'without permission'

As if the man is truly on a quest to be the most malevolent sack of crap in America, it turns out Donald Trump’s gaudy “walk” to a burned church next to the White House didn’t just come with the White House ordering the tear gassing of peaceful protesters to clear a path for the bone-spur-having fascist: Trump was trespassing on church property for the photo-op. He didn’t have permission to be there, says the Episcopal bishop responsible for St. John’s Church!

In a CNN appearance, Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde blasted Trump for the grotesque stunt.

“Let me be clear: The president just used a Bible, the most sacred text of the Judeo-Christian tradition, at one of the churches of my diocese, without permission, as the backdrop to a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and everything that our churches stand for.”

“I am outraged,” she fumed. “The president did not pray when he came to St. John’s nor did he acknowledge the agony of our country right now.”

So Trump was trespassing on church grounds after tear gassing the crowd that had peacefully assembled there.


The President goes for a walk on the National Mall in Washington D.C..

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