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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 61,111

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Barack and Michelle Obama's production company wins an Oscar and Barack shows class

God how I miss the Obamas.


One of the most scary things I have ever read. We are well down the road to a Police State.


So Rudy G. is now free to get paid by Russia to bring back Russian propaganda and
feed those lies to Bill Barr and the D.O.J. in order to hurt people who that Trump/Putin
see as enemies. I.O.W. now that the Republicans in the Senate voted to acquit Trump
the D.O.J. is going to do the exact same things that Trump was impeached for and now
do it in the open.

Jesus this is scary shit.

Who's to blame for the firing of impeachment hero Alex Vindman? Every senator who acquitted Trump.

On Friday, Donald Trump dismissed Lt. Col. Alex Vindman from the National Security Council, months before his tenure was set to expire. Trump sacked Vindman, a Purple Heart recipient and the White House’s top expert on Ukraine, for his courageous testimony during impeachment proceedings in November, when he told Congress he’d reported his concerns about Trump’s now-notorious July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

But who’s truly to blame for this naked act of thuggish retaliation? Every Republican senator who voted to acquit Trump for his abuses of power and desperate attempts to cover them up. Most especially, that includes the vulnerable Republicans who are up for re-election this November:

Susan Collins in Maine
Joni Ernst in Iowa
Cory Gardner in Colorado
Kelly Loeffler in Georgia
Martha McSally in Arizona
David Perdue in Georgia
Thom Tillis in North Carolina

Collins is particularly egregious: On Friday morning, before the Vindman news broke, she told reporters, “I obviously am not in favor of any kind of retribution against anyone who came forward with evidence.” What’s transpired since was not only predictable, it had in fact been predicted. Collins and her brethren knew what would happen as a consequence of vindicating Trump. They simply didn’t care.


I have hearts ... who wants one?

BTW all you have to do in 250 words or less tell me why I am so great.

Or just ask and I am OK w/that too. The news is just crushing me right now.

A trial with no witnesses, no evidence, and the defendant..

... worked with the jury foreman in order to rig the outcome. Fuck 'em. They are not Americans or do
follow the rule of law and or our Constitution.

The installation of Trump into the White House was part of the biggest crime in our history, Trump is the biggest crook in our history, and now we just got to see the biggest cover up in our history too.

I gotta take a break from DU for awhile. I hope America can still survive.

What I sent to Ohio's Rob Portman today.

“History is a merciless judge. It lays bare our tragic blunders and foolish missteps and exposes
our most intimate secrets, wielding the power of hindsight like an arrogant detective who seems
to know the end of the mystery from the outset.”

I'm sure it will change his mind. Do I need to add this?

I can not watch it

I am at my limit.

The Iowa Caucus

These Iowa Caucuses are really awful

Why not just go old school mid west and have the candidates bake pies and then see who
bids the most on the pie to get first dance @ the church social?

We are seeing greatness in Adam Schiff's closing statement. 25 minutes a must see.

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