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Member since: Mon Nov 29, 2004, 10:18 PM
Number of posts: 9,437

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60 MInutes doing special on Lincoln Project tonight. Whose watching? I don't have TV. Anyone know

how I can watch streaming for free?

If Pence gets sick& can't take over if need be, Nancy has to resign speaker to take over POTUS.

Just saying...sure are a lot of potential moving pieces in this chess game.
Remember that West Wing episode when Bartlett's daughter was kidnapped and there was no VP, so speaker of the house had to take over?

How will GOP leadership respond to what this means for the election? What's next?

Will they try to claim a vote for Trump is a vote for Pence if Trump is too sick or doesn't make it, even though we know that is untrue? they don't care about truth. And what if he has it also? There is nothing in the Constitution for this scenario in terms of what it means for the election, although that means nothing to GOP. Chain of succession is outlined, but not what happens when it's in the middle of an election. And quite a few have already voted.

"Any time reality intrudes on their fantasy, it's not helpful for Trump."

David Plouffe just now on Chris Hayes.

Next debate, if it happens, is town hall format. Bullying wouldn't play well. Just saying..

Would be a very different dynamic. Steve Scully is used to handling all kinds of people on C-span. Very curious to see how he will deal with whatever happens, if it happens.

Chris: "I hope neither of you will interrupt the other." Dude, it's your job to keep control. Hope

is irrelevant. Chris was speaking about the last question.

He just said you have to clean the forest floors to stop forest fires. We wouldn't have fires if

we had forest management.

Joe: He wouldn't know suburbs unless he took a wrong turn.

Joe: It's hard to get any word in with this clown. Excuse me, this person.

(When CHris told Joe he had the floor and Con kept interrupting.)

Edit to add: Chris just told the con that he's been doing a lot of interrupting. Con said so has he. CHris said not nearly as much as you have.

Trump supporters coming from OUTSIDE PORTLAND. There are so few here. Just like Minneapolis.

Just saying. They have to bring them in from outside. Portland is overwhelmingly progressive. Is the media making that clear, that Trump supporters are imported? Does the media factor that into their coverage?

I had to take a mental health break and have just tuned in for the first time in several days. I just listened to my mayor's presser. He has been doing a very good job for three months in an extremely difficult situation.
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